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Gallery Raid: Mother's Day Edition

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4 months ago

Happiest Mother's Day To Everyone!!!

My cover photo was taken on my Mother's birthday last year.

How is your Mother's Day? Me, mama and I slept all day WHAHAHAHA. I would like to give her a gift for today but I don't have any money, besides I'm still saving for her birthday on May 18. Only Greetings and saying I Love You all I can give to my dearest Mother.

I've been wanting to gallery Raid for a long time but I can't do it, I don't know why? Now I will do it but Mother's Day Edition.

And here is the list of photos I will show:

  • Oldest photo with my mother

  • Newest photo with my mother

  • Mama's photo that she didn't know I had

  • Funniest photo of her

  • Best photo of her

  • Most memorable photo with my mother

  • My top 3 photos with my mother

Oldest photo with my mother

I don’t know how old I am of this or what year this photo is. This is the oldest photo with my mudra, it's a pity the cellphone wasn't uso when I was born, I wish I had a pic on my first day in the world. Ang saya saya ko sa photo noh? WHAHAHA. I can't tell you anything about this photo because I was young then so I can't't remember it very well my memories in that year. I just got this photo on mama's fb before.

Newest photo with my mother

April 10 2022

This photo was taken outside the swimming resort that day. We arrived early, the resort opened at eight o'clock then 7:30 we were already there so we had to wait for 30 mins While waiting and I couldn't do anything I just hugged mama WHAHAHA.

Mama's photo that she didn't know I had

September 1, 2021

It's a pity I had so many photos before that he didn't know I had such a photo of him in case I deleted your photos. Puro mga epic photo pa naman iyon whahaha, if my cellphone doesn't really fill up, I won't delete it. I don’t know why I took this picture. Because for me, it's just sweet to look at like this, mama and papa are like dog nd cat eh. This simple gesture makes me feel butterflies in my stomach HAHAHA. Sanaol sinusuklayan ng buhok.

Funniest photo of her

Ag cute ni Mama dito WHAHAHA.... I won't get tired of looking at it. Is there anything more to say? All I want to do is pinch mama's cheek there. Just looking at this photo, my day is complete! I remember I couldn't do anything that day so I just messed up with Mama, so I just took a picture of her because I was so bored that day.

Best photo of her

This is the best photo of her I have on my cellphone. My mom is really beautiful, isn't she? This photo taken when we went for the first time in intramuros with our family. Dyk? We almost got lost in the intramuros. We didn't know that the intramuros were big

Most memorable photo with my mother

This is the most memorable photo of me and mama, do you know why? because finally my mom meet her mom and dad, and everyone meet my mom's parents Fiona and Shrek hehehehe kidding. I'm sure mama will pinch me again of she read this WHAHAHA, charot charot lang ma.

Serious mode na, this is the most memorable photo for me in my gallery because this is the first time I bought a book. The first time I bought and Mama was there to accompany me. Even though Mama was busy with her work, she came with me to buy a book. One of the things I like most about Mama is that she supports me in my hobbies, being a wattpader, book addict, drama addict and many more hehehe.... She doesn't stop me from doing what I want but she still reminds me of my limitations.

My top 3 photos with my mother

There are so many photos oo me and mama, it's hard to choose ha.

HAHAHAHA it's hard to choose, oh that's it. Mama and I are cute here.

Hasyt I miss watching a variety show on our city's anniversary. This photo was taken while watching the variety show and waiting for the fireworks. This is the last variety show for the city's anniversary before COVID-19 come.

Namiss ko din toh. These are the days when she takes me to her work at the Mall and after she works we hang out in front of the mall which is a Park before going home.

Happy Mother's Day Again to All !!! When I finished, I realized how many memories we had with my mother, when I look at these photos again, the memories come back to me. Its Fun to go back to the past. I also intended to write a message for my dearest mother but I prefer that only Mama knows the message I want to tell her.

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Written by   35
4 months ago
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Ang bata pa ni mama mo. Hehe belated happy mother's day sa knya hehe Ang saya nyong tingnan sa pics

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4 months ago

Wonderful! I hope your love for her is deeper than those pictures po. Happy mother's day sa mama nyo

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4 months ago