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Share your battle - Weekly Challenge! MITICA HEADHUNTER

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1 year ago

This week is a nice challenge, and it happen that i got finally what is needed for the week. I have also managed few nice wins using a special team arrangement. Check my video:

The rules of the battle were Equalizer and 27 mana. I use my faithful Mylor Crowning as summoner for his thorns, as i expect at least one or two melee in the battle. I dream of upgrading this summoner at level 2, so i benefit better from the cards. And high life is bad, as i do not have many cards to do enough damage. I used the chicken first and the Failed summoner as insurance for Magic damage return and low mana cards. Then i put the Nectar Queen as a real tank, followed by Mitica and Goblin Thief foe a nice mixed damage, with the Ooze on the last position to protect from sneak ability.

As you can see, everything worked out great, and it was almost an effortless win.

This one is a good card, but costs too much in my opinion, so it is not viable in low mana battle despite the high damage. Can be useful for ranged back damage in high mana battles and when you have earthquake terrain.

Hope you enjoyed the battle.

In other order of ideas, i reached $27 in card evaluation. And i need 8330 Power to reach Silver. But this week i was lucky in the chest lottery, as i got paid for daily quests like this:

1 x Robo Dragon Knight - Legendary
1 x Baby Unicorn - New card
1 x Gelatinous Cube - Upgrade needed
1 x Undead Rex - Upgrade needed
15 DEC and 1 Alchemy potion.

Usually i get only potions so this is a huge improvement in daily drops.

G. (The eternal beginner)

$ 0.05
$ 0.05 from @tired_momma
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Written by   47
1 year ago
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My 4-year-old daughter will understand this better than me. 😅

But I'm happy for your luck this week, hope you get more luck and get more strong cards. I remember watching YuGiOh, is this somehow similar to that?

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1 year ago