Pencil Art: A floral feline facet

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Hello Friends, how are you?

Many do not know but, I have many artistic qualities among them: singing, playing: guitar, cuatro, flute, photographing and drawing; In another post, if you'll allow me, I'll tell you about my beginnings in the world of music and where I've gotten so much love for art.

So for today, I will show you the step by step of a drawing that I developed this very day, inspired by the felines and the flowers, two things that I love as you can not imagine ...

At first I thought about making this art in watercolor painting, however, I made the decision to illustrate it in black and white creating the style of the feline arbitrary, elegant, simple and natural.

ELaboration of the drawing

Start with the feline profile along with the flowers and pointillism:

Then I was adding more and more flowers, creating the illusion of a mane of nature, add the ears and pointillism and shadows around them.

One of the last parts of the illustration that I drew, were the eyes, for me as a lover of art and a future psychologist, I always see the eyes as the cusp base of the living being, since, by it we can express any kind of emotion.

We finished, shading those parts that highlight the softness, depth, aggressiveness that attracts people to observe more, according to my point of view I see it as a feline-human, with a lot of power, perseverance, simple, elegant but with a very innocent surrounded by flowers that invade her making her the queen of nature.

It's a pleasure to have shown you that with a little dedication, love and a lot of perseverance things can be achieved, I'm not very good at drawing, however, with a lot of practice I discovered my qualities beyond what I thought I would have ...

PS: both illustration done with (Mongol) pencil No. 2

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Hey, has communities now, you should join the "art" community and then post this.

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