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Coinbase Stock Listing

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6 months ago

I am sure everyone has heard about Coinbase getting listed on the stock market on April 14. This is big news for the crypto world! Crypto and stocks are starting to mingle and the lines are starting to bleed. At least a little for now.

Crypto has blown up since this pandemic started. Queen bases net worth has exploded. I am not sure if it’ll be a good investment at first. Like Roblox stock when it first came out it went down, but then leveled out and now there are slow gains. So I am thinking I am going to wait and see what happens. Maybe I will put a small amount up first and see what happens. I tend to have a FOMO (fear of missing out) LOL.

With the way the crypto market is going, I see huge gains but do not base any investing off of what I say. I am just like you and still trying to understand the market. Always, I repeat, always do your own research.

Coinbase is Listing The Stock on April 14. The company’s quarterly profit more then doubles what 2020 was.

This means that more people are accepting cryptocurrency and using it and trading it on a daily basis. this is great news for when the stock gets released to the public on April 14.

Is Coinbase stock a good investment?

Yes, I think it is a good investment. I also think you need to be careful when investing in a company like this because the crypto market is very volatile and can drop at any moment. I think it is a good idea to stay cautious and keep your eye on the market. I’ve also heard not to watch the market every day but it is hard not to when you have money invested.

The adoption of Crypto is growing at a very fast speed. The governments of the world are either going to have to outlaw it or find a way to control it. From what I hear though, controlling something like Bitcoin or another Crypto is a lot harder than you would think. I am sure it can be done. I wonder if Satoshi knows. It is pretty much just a ledger and a way to track all things so I am sure it can be actually. I have no idea. I am just someone who is trying to understand. Crypto is still a baby in the big scheme of things and we have no idea of the future of Crypto and what could happen. I am thinking it is going to either be amazing or be something that will make us just be tracked that much easier.

I am starting to ramble so I am going to leave you guys with some words of wisdom.....

"It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong." — George Soros

The sky is the limit and if you are having FOMO right now with Crypto I would calm yourself down because I think the price of Bitcoin and other Crypto is just at the beginning and things are going to change around the world financially the likes no one has ever seen.

If you are afraid to invest then there are many sites you can earn a little crypto. After you earn Crypto from these sites put it into a wallet that has a high APY or has a way to stake your Crypto. Coinbase has a couple of staking options but there are other wallets like Atomic Wallet, Kucoin, Abra, Mycointainer, and those are only a few.

Here is a list of the sites I like to use to earn a little bit of Crypto. I know it seems like a little at the time but over time it adds up and you can think of it as a type of savings account.

List of sites:


FuacetPay (Well this is a micro wallet and a faucet site but is pretty good and pays fast)

EsFaucet (This is by far my favorite. I have been using it for over a year and it pays better than most but takes some time to get used to. A trusted website with more than just a faucet.)

List of Wallets:

Mycointainer (This wallet I am not too sure about. I have had a couple of problems with getting my funds and it can take days for your funds to arrive. I have been making a decent amount of Cartesi because the APY is 70% but you can not withdraw until you have 1000 which is around $640 right now. I am making around .50 cents a day which equals out around 1.3 Cartesi. I will not be able to withdraw for another 100 days or so. I hope they do something about this. I am afraid I will never be able to get my funds from this. If anyone has any experience with Mycointainer let me know in the comments. I will do a follow-up article about this issue later down the line!)

Atomic Wallet

Coinbase (This is the most trusted wallet out there at the moment. Also, the best if you need customer service, others are good because you get your private keys but if you need help then you better be willing to wait a long time. If you get a response at all.)

Celsius (I have had no issues with this wallet. It has high APY's and it has zero fees which is a huge plus. A must-have if you are wanting your money to make you money)

Now, these are only a few of the ways I try to build my Crypto portfolio. If your money is not making you money then you are doing something wrong. I am in no way a rich man but I have made my fair share of mistakes which has helped me at least get my foot in the door and start investing the right way.

I have other articles that show you some other ways to earn a little crypto but I have noticed these are the main ones I use every day!

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I also hope you go and do your own research and invest in the companies you think will make it and bring you a profit.

Good luck and may the force be with you ; ).

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Written by   99
6 months ago
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