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Love felling

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2 years ago

Back to the room with the chat

Ayon played eleven. In bed

Leaning on the body with the mobile in hand

He was startled. There are five miscalls

Saba's. There was silence, some sense

He did not get. Quick call back.

After ringing for a while, from that side

He heard Saba's thumping voice. Of ice

Like cool.

- Hmm.

- Sorry, I was out, I was silent

So I didn't hear ...

- Make your phone silent all the time

There are ions. Or you stay in the "other" room!

Not one day or two, day after day is the same

Incident ... - Well Dad, do I notice?

Immediately not calling back?

- You need to politely call back

No. This is not the case. I'll call again


- What does all this mean? I'll call! -

You don't have to pay anymore. I do not

Don't call. Think once all day

There is little to find either. I understand. -

Look Saba, it's not right. Strange!

This morning I ...

- I said, you say something now

Can't, so keep in touch. You

You can leave if you want, this way

No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.

- That's how it was supposed to end

No ... why is that? What a good friend

Were we, remember? This is happening now

Why? - Just leave. I am your friend

I can't be.

Ayon not sure, Saber before cutting the phone

Whether the sound of sobbing.

But he is too much to cut off the phone

Not surprised. He looked at the ceiling

He muttered, "That's the way it should be

Wasn't it! ”First with Saba

Spending night after night talking

He would give, time seemed like a magic watch

It would have run out. How many topics to talk about!

How to recognize, slowly come closer!

When to call them by name

From the time he became a babuta, he did not notice two

John! Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Love

The madness increased. A time ion

Discovered, he has become lazy.

Getting love is fat in his mind

Frozen. Busy like myself all day

Yes, Saba forgets that a little

No news about the phone. The thought is, "Hey he

So there it is, where will he go? Not so much care

Take it! "

Saba suffers a lot from changing eyes.

Where is the insanity of that first identity

Lost. Interest, attraction as before

There is nothing between the boy. Boys

That's how it is - whenever a girl's heart feels

The whole thing is in his possession, then they dap

How bored Kudas loses attraction

Goes. Saba can't take this anymore


Ayon doesn't understand what to do. Anamne

He entered Facebook with his mobile phone in his hand

Saba's a huge massage. Whose essence

Actually goodbye note. The ID also turns black

Gone, no more chance to send a reply


At two o'clock in the morning, Ayon was in great pain

Get up from bed. For the last three hours

He has fought with ego and passion.

Will he call again? Goodbye girl

Said. Blocked. She

To take him back with a bowed face again

Tell me? Why? Ayon understood something like this

Will. Until the relationship thing happens

Pretty funny. But pulling it off

Going is the real thing. His own

There is a life. What is the same time all the time

Can it be given? But he is Saba

Can't forget Who is he sleeping now

Will you break and caress in the morning? Who's his

Forcibly send without eating

To eat? Mobile hands with ion wet eyes

The tone of a massage sounds as soon as you take it

Got up Ayon's chest swelled with hope. So much

Who else will send a message at night? Hmm,

Everyone sent. "I love u babu, ami thakte

Parbo na tomake chara "

Ayon opened his mind with wet eyes and laughed.

He became obsessed with love

Looking at the message with blurred eyes

Stays. Each letter of the message is different

The chest is scratching like a different color

In the deep. Ayon wipes his eyes to write a reply

Stays. Tonight in some strange way

It will be too long for them.

Corporate love and deception

In this age one is more valuable than a piece of diamond

The girl's true love.

Some of the most fortunate are priceless

Got the thing. Girls very easily

Not a good bus from someone's mind. And if

Once in love, stuck to him

Keeps it inside the chest, gives nothing

Not to be lost. No one can actually

To lose then ..

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Written by   17
2 years ago
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2 years ago

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This article is mind blowing Best articl.

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