I couldn't protect her

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Since I’m planning to join a weekly contest in HIVE, I’m doing this to get rid of the violence and gore in my system since it’s not allowed in that prompt contest XD

[WP] And as the hero falls, his beloved catches him and lays him down. The blood flowing from his side, showing how limited his remaining time was “Rest my love, you’ve protected me long enough. It’s my turn to protect you” 

“Where is Anisa-” 

The connons again boomed as Finnigan scanned the battleground. “Has anyone seen Anisa!” He shouted from the top of his lungs as his sword slashed down all that dared  block his way. 

They said they would keep his beloved at the rear. They promised they would protect her and not drag her further into war than she already was, yet why was she taken and why was he frantically searching for her amidst all this chaos. 

Lies. They only promised him lies. His eyes were reddening, rage was starting to fill him despite how hopeless he was feeling. Oh how he prayed that she would be far from harm. It was wishful thinking, but it was the only thing that persuaded him to keep pushing to the frontlines. 

“Captain, We found her!” 

It was one of the soldiers assigned to him. 

Anxiety loomed over him as he made his way to the crowd that gathered around his beloved. “What’s all this-” 

No eyes dared meet his, they only cleared a path for him and allowed him to see the state his wife was in. 

A three edged blade impaled her by the heart. Crimson flowed from her chest and stained her once pristine white robe. 

“I told you to protect yourself too. You can’t just rush to the battlefield. You are a mage, not a fighter!” Finnigan exclaimed. His tone carried rage and helplessness yet the way he fell to his knees and clutched onto her hands betrayed him. 

“I wanted to make sure I could protect you with everything I had,” She caressed his cheek with what remaining strength she had. 

The feathery touch only showed how little time she had left. 

“But who would protect you-” The brokenness in Finnigan’s voice grew evident with each passing minute. 

At last, her grip on his hand weakened and fell from his. light faded from her eyes, and as quickly as light faded from her eyes, so did all hope in Finnigan.

He knew this often happened in the battlefield, but to imagine such a thing would ever happen to him, It was beyond him. For a moment, his mind went blank. The screams and cries faded out, the people seemed to have vanished and all that was left was him and Anisa. 

“Rest my love, you’ve protected me long enough. It’s my turn to protect you.” With one last somber look, he kisses the top of his lover’s head, resting only a single tear into her hair “i will be seeing you soon, my love” 

As he stood up, he felt nothing. He was an empty shell. All the bruises and slashes he gained from his earlier encounters, none of them registered in his head. He just kept walking, and slashing down man after man. It did not mater whether the man he just slashed down was foe or friend. All he wanted was to end everything. 

He reached into his robe’s pocket and grabbed the orb his lover had left him for emergencies. 

“Only use it as a last resort. When all seemed hopeless and when she could not protect him anymore” He muttered to himself as he gazed at the red orb that seemed to radiate the rage of hundreds of people. A magical weapon crafted for mass destruction. 

Once he reached the front lines, the center of the field, he placed the orb on the loose soil and raised his foot. 

And as he proceeded to step on the orb and smash it to bits, he then realized that he was never a hero of their nation, but instead a villain. For a hero would sacrifice one to save millions, but a villain would sacrifice millions to save one. But in this case, if he couldn’t save his only one, then the world would fall as she did. 

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