Amla Health and Energy Treasure

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Amla is useless for heart, hair and eyes. According to Greek and Arab physicians, it is said to be second-degree rejection and dry. It is said to relieve constipation. It is especially useful in eliminating excess gastric juice from the stomach and by absorbing foul secretions. Also, all kinds of diarrhea, indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, vomiting, hiccups, stomach contamination, dysentery and gastritis. Amla is useful for all these ailments. Frequent use of amla marmalade is very useful. Amla strengthens the brain and prevents bad vapors from rising towards the head. It is useful in headaches in which there is dark shadow in front of the eyes and dizziness. Amla is also very useful for hair. Its use makes hair thick, shiny and black. Soak amla in water at night. Get up in the morning and wash your head with this water. Amla strengthens lungs and breasts. Amla marmalade twice daily. The use of Danun protects against tuberculosis and tuberculosis. And there is a deep connection between heart and blood. Amla compounds and amla marmalade are very useful for strengthening the heart. Amla juice also has many benefits. Amla is a treasure trove of vitamin C and is a healthy juice. It is very useful in constipation, stomach and asthma. It relieves anemia. Its use increases hemoglobin levels. Improves immunity is the best constipation

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