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Hive is going places, and this is just the start (It feels good to be bad right now)

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2 months ago

Hive was for a moment crossing the $3.25 last night at 1.45 AM, and that felt quite good. It was a good week overall, with 700 Splinterlands CL packs until the end of pre-sale. I am getting very close to reach 10K CUB (9807 today), and after that I will focus on reaching 10K LEO (7476 today). Still loading my passive income token bags, with more Archon Miner, Dhedge, Utopis and Brofund bought past week. All my Hive targets for november are already reached. Do not get impresed by the price, keep getting the Hives, on average dollar buy, regularly, and you will have a bright future. The price is $2.25 right now, which is still amazing.

Hive: 3779 - $5598 (+211)

SPT: 1057K - $8083 (+5K)

Leo: 6305 - $1632 (+55) with few thousands LEO to buy soon.

POB: 2681 - $324 (+41)

Passive income tokens

LENM: 30 - $220 (zero)

LBI: 200 - $96 (zero)

BROFUND: 51 - $296 (+4)

UTOPIS: 40 - $108 (+10)

ARCHMINER: 6 - $264 (+2.5)

DHEDGE: 500 - $92 (+104)

Total: $16713 ($12525 last week)

With an increase of 4188$, the price is quite stable lately, the portfolio is still doing well, and out of my monthly targets, I did the 3500 HIVE target. On Splinterlands, Day 128/365 of the airdrop, still APY 50%, i got my desired 40K SPS staked, and I just bought another 50 Chaos Legion packs, using the airdropped SPS. (The games I play right now on Hive are Rising starCryptobrewmasterDCropDcity).

As for curation, I upgraded my @leo.voter delegation to 3000 HIVE, and the @meowcurator one to 7450 LEO. I got 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator for STP rewards, planning to keep it at least until the Splinterlands airdrop ends.

My total BCH on Celsius is now 0.96 ($590) and it is possible to reach the fated 1 BCH this year, it seems.

These last week I received 11 TRX ( $1.07) from staking Tron, and 80 TRX ($7.82) from staking WIN, so the total is 91 TRX ($8.89). I have staked right now 2M WIN and I reached on my yearly target of 11.000 TRX. The last two weeks the Wink casino paid slightly better than usual, and I am getting some more DICE, WINK and LIVE to top up my deposits on Wink Casino.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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Written by   56
2 months ago
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Looking forward to your 1 BCH post

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2 months ago

i ll be there soon

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1 month ago