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About inspiration and loneliness - Day 18

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3 months ago

I always admired the people who can write about just anything, the people who can sit in front of the screen and just make you wonder, putting one interesting thing after another, or just rumbling with style. So today I will talk about inspiration. Inspiration. Such a big word. When and how much do we need?

I am looking at my brother, for example, he always has at least 4-5 ideas, 4-5 blog posts to work on the background. , but then, maybe we got a different approach. I always believed that regular work is creating the skill, and that if you exercise daily, it will become easier and easier to start to put your thoughts on the paper. The only thing is, that, if you are making a break, the flow tends to dissapear, and you start to become a bit rusty. And there are plenty of reasons to stop, like work, emergencies, procrastination, lazyness or just Many temptations along the journey to perfection and not so many visible rewards. The plateaux are many, the visible progress is hard to quantify. Yet, there we are, trying to make ourselves visible. Trying to reach other people bubbles.

No man is an island,

Entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less.

As well as if a promontory were.

As well as if a manor of thy friend's

Or of thine own were:

Any man's death diminishes me,

Because I am involved in mankind,

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;

It tolls for thee.

John Donne was right. I cannot say it better than that. This is the way. This is how we evolve from singularity to being part from something bigger. In the end, it was not about inspiration. Maybe it was about reaching further than our individuality and more about finding a sense of belonging. I am not alone, said the little girl in the corner on the dark house, I am not alone.

We all want to be part of something. A school class, a club, a select team, any kind of collective where our interests allign with some other people like us. And here I am, touching another subject dear to me. Loneliness versus solitude. Loneliness is bad, solitude is needed. When you wish to run away from this city full of lights and noises, to go far from it, in the middle of a virgin forest, just you and the stars, few crickets and the river, that's the desire for solitude. As about loneliness, we all know what that is. The crushing feeling of being alone in the middle of all the people, crying and shouting inside, and nobody can hear you. Now, this is something you need to talk about it. This feeling needs to be shared with family, friends and maybe even advisors of some kind. There is always someone willing to listen to your story, somewhere. It is your job to find them. Telling our story will make us aware. Of ourselves at first, and of others.

As I said, no man is an island. Or women. Or child. Just to finished in style, remember, don't grow up, it's a trap. But I will talk about adulthood some other time. Maybe tomorrow. Time to go to work, on this beautiful Sunday.


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Written by   55
3 months ago
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