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A Ninja called Beatrix and the secret of the flying star(Splinterlands weekly battle challenge)

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5 months ago

What is Splinterlands? 

Splinterlands is a card game, similar with Hearthstone, where you can play battle against other players to get a better rank or in tournaments. It is a NFT game based on Hive Blockchain and right now it is doing an airdrop daily, for one year. The best time to join was yesterday, the second best time is now.

Beatrix Ironhand is one of the new-ish cards, that was airdropped also with the sold-out Untamed packs. With 4 Ranged Damage and 4 Speed, this is one decent damage card, and 6 Health is average, but not that bad. The abilities work well as a bruiser, with Close Range at level 1 (Range attack on first position), Thorns at level 3, returning melee damage, and Cripple at level 5, reducing Max health by 1 every time it is hiting a target. Mana cost is 6, a bit too much, but acceptable still. Good for few rulesets, Equilizer come to mind, but weak in Earthquake and Poison ones.

So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit:

Rulesets: Armored Up ( Bonus Armor +2 for everyone) and Heavy Hitters (Knockout ability for everyone). A good combo for magic and melee mix.


Mine - Summoner: Scarred Lama Mage ( Bonus health +2, Last Stand and Cleanse for first position), Flesh Golem tank with heal, backed up by Orc Sargeant with Reach to hit from second position and decent health, Sandworm for a huge 6 Melee Damage, Centauri Mage (Magic damage, 10 health, return ranged damage - this was useless in the game and the opponent had mainly magic users), then Beatrix Ironhand, just to test it for the challenge, as I do not play it usually, there are better alternatives to it, and last, Kron the Undying, with 3 Magic Damage and Heal.

Opponent - Summoner: Alric (Magic Power +1), the mighty Kraken as tank, backed up by a gelatinous Cube, a surprising 25 Health together. Then some damage packed by a Sandworm and three magic users - Sea Genie, Spirit Miner and Prismatic Energy. Some extra speed and a magic mirror to make my life difficult.

Round 1: Both Tanks resisted.

Round 2: Both Flesh Golem and Kraken are dead. Now the fun begins.

Round 3: Back-up tanks are still alive.

Round 4 and 5: My Sandworm dies killing the opponent Sandworm and the Sea Genie in the process.

Round 6 to 9: His Spirit Miner and Prismatic Energy are dead, Killing my Centauri mage. I won.

Star of the game? Most probably Kron.

On the side note, my continuous support for is going well, with my SPT tokens number raising at almost a million. 987K of my target of 1000K reached and hopefully the 1 million will be done in one or two months. A bit difficult now as the price went up a lot. All of it is delegated to @monster-curator, as this account is doing a great work curating the best posts on the forum. 

All the best,



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Written by   55
5 months ago
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