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The University

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1 year ago

University is a meeting point of people of different background from all over the world.

It is a place where many persons can come and acquire as well as contribute to the common pool of knowledge, irrespective of their particular cultural differences.

It is a universal community, in which everyone's race, culture and religion as well as opinions are respected.

The culture of university is, therefore tolerant within the bounds of common decency. The life of a student is therefore designed to achieve this purpose.

These combine with natural urge of student to struggle for justice, equity and progress make the environment vitality.

However, at their age, students find it very difficult to separate the desirable from undesirable, and so very dubious among them manage to use the innocence and good intentions of the majority to wreck havoc and in the process, destroy the innocence.

The students are the first line of defence in this respect, as they use various civilized methods to guide their colleagues along the proper path.

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