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Injured Soul

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8 months ago
Topics: Poem

Yesterday I met a person in the dark.

Hidden face, sitting in the corner of room.

Murmuring, the world lies , the world lies.

Murmuring, you! Yes you're a part of it.

Suddenly fear and anxiety rushed over me.

The dreadful moment, the ghastly moment.

I tried to shut but I failed.

I tried to run but I failed.

I tried to quit but I failed.

I tried to snatch my sould but I failed.

I swallowed hard, asked who you are.

He whispered, I am your shadow.

I am the other side of you.

I am you, your injured soul.

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That was a beautiful poem🥺 Keep making poems like this. This is so good❤️

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8 months ago

Thank you so much dear😍😍

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8 months ago