Enjoy Life and Avoid Negative Thoughts

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by Gracee / Wednesday/ November 3, 2021

Enough for having negative thoughts and just enjoy life.

In our bad days we feel so down and demotivated. Having negative thoughts is one of the common things we have in our difficult days especially when we did not satisfy and happy with the outcome of our work. We oftentimes forget that whatever we do and even if we regret, we could not bring back the same time and change our actions or behaviors to make the results better.

That is the same on what happened on my last shift. I did my best but my best was not still good enough to pacify and make some of the customers happy. I did my best to rectify their concerns by asking for help and check my tools. Some of my calls ended up transferring to my supervisor. It was stressful and at the same time it made me doubt myself.

But at the end of my shift, I chose to still be positive though honestly, it's not 100%. I am just a human and of course I can feel dissatisfaction with the things that I have done. I know in myself that I can do better than that. On the other hand, instead of luring myself with negative thoughts I chose to believe that I did well on my calls and I still have another shift to improve myself.

That is life. It is not every day we are on our best. It is not every day we are the winners. It is not every day we feel satisfied and happy at work, school or somewhere else. There are some instances that something or someone will make us act aggressively or treat others bad.

A lot of things will definitely test us and might help us to better or worse.

As for me, I chose to use the things or people who made me feel weak to be better. I chose to not give up instead fight back to improve myself. Not fighting back with our callers or customers but to fight back with my negative thoughts to help myself and to be the best within me.

Life is so short yet wonderful and a blessing to enjoy. Luring ourselves with the negative thoughts and regrets will not help us appreciate life. Instead, it will make us weak and bitter of everything.

Yes, life is so complicated but we must remember that life give us many things like good experience, lesson, people and time to enjoy whatever we have now.

So to myself and to you, I want you to know that you are doing great and please stop overthinking, pause, breathe and appreciate the beauty of life.

-the end.

Have a nice day everyone!

I just wrote this to share with you what's on my mind at this moment. I had a not so good work day last night that triggered my patience and attitude yet was able to calm myself.

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Hindi talaga natin maiiwasan na makaramdam ng ganysn. May mga tao lang din kasi talaga na ang galing magparamdam na parang wala tayong kwenta ee no. Pero yun nga wag talagang pakaisipan kasi mas lalong tayo ang maaapektuhan. Good Job for shooing the negativity away. And Fightuuuu lang!! 💪💪🤗

Wahhhh, welcu backuuuu sis di kita gaanong namiss 👻👻👻

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1 year ago

Haha. Agree sis. Tapos na tayo sa pagiging negatron.haha.

Halatang Di mo ko namiss sis. Haha

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1 year ago

Welcome back madam.. Hirap cguro sa new work mo.. Pro san mas mganda..dati or now?

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1 year ago

Thanks madam. Both madam hehe. Nangangapa pa kasi ako sa process pero mas mahirap kausap ang mga ibang Americano

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1 year ago