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Day 13. 13/21

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1 month ago
21 May 2022 Saturday 12:36 pm 

Good afternoon lovelies!

I'm here again with my life update and precisely my challenge update.

Yesterday, we had drizzling and after the weather becomes cool enough I and a friend of mine went for a little walk. And, it was around midnight when we were having walk. And, when we were about to come back to our room we met another friend of ours and our stroll now stretched to a length.

We talked about many things and luckily when we were walking a friend of ours caught us on the way while he was going back to his home from library and he was like what are you doing in this solitude place which was more like a jungle area.

Before rain strong ghost of winds were blowing and the surroundings were full of dust and dirt and I too became dirty with other people.

It was anyway fun yesterday with little business work.

And, at last I just want to mention that I successfully completed 12 days of my challenge.

The feeling is good. I'm feeling a kind of positive vibe in me already and I'm really more determined to not just complete my challenge but to extend it more and more.

Bye everyone and thank you all.

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Written by   33
1 month ago
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