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Accept failure to enjoy success.

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8 months ago
Hello everyone,
 2021, December 07

Since our teenage we have been hearing and reading a very beautiful quote so many times "Failure is the first step towards success".

But, today I curated my Heading to 'Accept failure to enjoy success' rather than else and rather than 'Accept failure to get success'.

So, without wasting much time I'm coming to the topic.

In our society there lives every kind of people some are sad, some are happy, some just are neutral who depends on others and keep complaining, some are poor and some are rich. And still there are also people who hovers in between all these categories.

And thanks to our society which has defined the term 'SUCCESS' in terms of acheiving materialistic thing. If you don't have those materialistic thing you are a failure to the society no matter if you are happy. And our society has evolved that much in this aspect that we also inculcate these in our children and always keep on reminding them that you have to do this, you have to acheive this-that and whatever. But tell me exactly what are you unconsiuosly suggesting is to- all the other people are your rivals and you have to crush them my conquering them all.

In my opinion success has a different meaning for everyone- Some just wants to remain happy in their life, some wants to afford the luxuries and call it the success of their life, some students wants to be at the top is success for them, some poor people wants to break their cycle of poverty and that is success for them and vice versa.

Here I'm not speaking against anyone's measure of success but I'm trying to put light on the fact that just don't try to judge others on the basis of your measurement of success.

There are three categories of people:

1- There are a few people who never tasted failure.

2- There are others who hardly acheives as their desires keep on increasing and it is limitless.

3- Then there are are those who keeps on failing and acheiving success in their life regularly like a pendulum.

In my opinion, I think the person belonging to the third category is the one who is most contented and calm people as they are the ones who decides to do new things, who desires for change in their environment but they initially fail but then these failures of them teach them many new lessons and experiences which are priceless and after continuous efforts they finally acheive success.

And when people of third category share their failures after acheiving success they do so "so smiling". The charms they possess on them is very bright.

Here I want to share a personal story of mine and it goes as:

Since my childhood from the very first day I enrolled in school I keep on outperforming in every activities in my school whether it was extra-curricular activities or it was academically and because of my continuance excellency I was made the prefect of my school and everyone in school had a very clear image of me whether it was other students juniors or seniors or even the school administration.

But, in 2009 I tasted my first failure and I've never boasted about my acheivements so far this time but with this failure I was now receiving criticizes.

When I tasted failure first time I was totally sad from inside because I was not prepare to handle it but I balanced myself. Actually this failure was about getting into army for which I worked so much and I had it in my mind that this is the most worthy goal of my life, then I tried 2nd,3rd,4th, 5th attempt but I was failing continuously and in my last attempt which was going to be the sixth attempt I could not appear in it and it happened accidentally and by this time I learned that my destiny is something else where I will be more prosperous and more worthful.

So, what I'm trying to say is failure prepared me to handle the unexpected in my l ife and taught me so many necessary life lesson. Nonetheless I was sad initially but then I learned to smile on my failures and now I'm much more happy.

Thank you all for reading.

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Written by   33
8 months ago
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