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Why Bitcoin Jesus -Roger Ver switched to Bitcoin Cash?

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1 year ago

Many of the users of both and are new. They don't really got any idea about cryptocurrency. Sometimes I even see a post asking why their Bitcoin Cash is getting lower every minute as they are not aware with the Bullish and Bear of the Market. So let me take this opportunity to share with you an interview as to why the Bitcoin Jesus decided to switch to Bitcoin Cash!

I stumbled upon this post on

I got curious and tried to watch not just for $1 but of course for the thirst of learning new things about Cryptocurrency most especially Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver's interview with Angie Lau the Editor in Chief of Forkast.News.

I have been with Bitcoin Cash Community both with and It is my first time to check with Mr. @RogerVer interview but been hearing his name and seeing his name being tagged on anything related to Bitcoin Cash.

Crypto Asset vs Currency

Roger Ver is called Bitcoin Jesus but prefers "Bitcoin Johny Apple Seed". He said that 2011-2017 Bitcoin somehow filled the real P2P transaction but now it has only the branding but does not have the same usefulness. He is one

When Roger Ver renewed the domain name of he used the Bitcoin Cash. He said he is more on a bullish of Bitcoin Cash today as he only paid a penny with transaction fee with renewing the domain name of compared to using Bitcoin when the transaction fee is more expensive than the renewal fee.

Regrets of Roger Ver

  • The split didn't happened earlier between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  • The timing of My Trading from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash can become more spendable just like the current fiat that we are using compared to Bitcoin which demands higher transaction fees.

Bitcoin Cash is been adopted in a certain neighbouring island where Roger Ver is also a citizen. He mentioned that anywhere he goes and buy Bitcoin Cash is accepted there.

Correlation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

What value is there when you can't use it all over the world?

  • "People buy Bitcoin today expecting it to work as Bitcoin Cash."

  • "The thing everybodys calling Bitcoin no longer does."

  • "Bitcoin Cash enables to use all over the world"

Bitcoin as a Currency

Roger Ver was asked about his stand when Tesla announced it is accepting Bitcoin as payment.

He said:" Buying Tesla with 20,000 transaction fee is totally fine but buying say an iphone accessory worth 20,000 dollar and paying a 20,000 transaction fee for that is totally not good."

"It is frustrating that Bitcoin has worldwide name and brand so my new job is to educate people that Bitcoin Cash is the real p2p electronic payment based on the White Paper and not Bitcoin."

Crypto above the Law

Roger Ver said:"Bitcoin now Bitcoin Cash is above the Law. Free people should be allowed to do whatever that is peaceful. I don't believe that we have to be boss around by anyone who is wearing a costume and working in a building with a flag in front."

Criminal Use of Crypto

Roger Ver did not deny it. He mentioned it is true that some people use cryptocurrency for crime but he believes that more is done with using US dollars. He also mentioned about this KYC loss that can endangered someone's life.

For him, if only Government use Tax to build schools and help the community it is best to improve, not to kill people and drop a bomb.


Roger Ver mentioned this takes time. He is currently trying to educate everyone and is even meeting people per week investing to different projects from different countries that helps promotes Bitcoin Cash

Being an investor it is an opportunity to start with Bitcoin Cash. To know the difference Roger Ver advised to try transacting both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

He encourages everyone watching as well:"Don't just stay in the country where you are born. Go out and explore there are more things we can see all over the world." has been mentioned as well! As a social media platform who tips through Bitcoin Cash and for him it is a great platform!

Bitcoin Billionaires

When Angie mentioned about the Bitcoin Billionaires list and said Roger Ver isn't part of the list, he replied in a matter o factly that the list IS NOT ACCURATE.

Roger Ver is planning to put up a Billion in Bitcoin Cash. He will be busy making a tool for Bitcoin Cash that can be used by people all over the world.

Now how to claim $1 worth of Bitcoin Cash? Go ahead and watch the interview. Click the link below:

Disclaimer: Some statements I wrote may not be the exact word by word statement of Mr. Roger Ver but has the same meaning. Watch the video and see for yourself.


Bitcoin Cash follows what was written in Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper. As of today it has P2P Electronic Transaction and is doing it with flying colors making a lot of users try to embrace it and use it for their day to day life!

I hope there will also be projects here in our Country to promote Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by Β Β 212
1 year ago
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You summarized the interview and your thoughts and feelings well. I'm happy @RogerVer is not only promoting Bitcoin Cash at every opportunity, but also that he saw your article and gave you an upvote.

Any system in existence today will have a certain sect of criminals taking advantage. People don't freak out over tax shelters in the Cayman islands as much as they freak out over the potential use of P2P crypto to do nefarious things.

It is the price of freedom.

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1 year ago

Thank you Jonica! I never even expected this to be honest because he was 1month ago online if im not mistaken as i tried to check if he has a real account in I am totally motivated with hodling bch more after watching his interview.

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1 year ago