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My Mune-Boxy Story

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2 months ago

As I look back on my past I feel grateful that I didn't give up.

When I knew about Axie Infinity I didn't get too interested because I am not really into online games nor a pro player. But then my partner pushed me to try and told me he will help me out. As I watched livestream I felt fascinated with the game all of a sudden.

For 3 months, I tried to hunt managers who could possibly hire me. Til I stumbled upon Boxy Guild but got no luck then I tried to give a shot when its sister guild was created,"MUNE".

I started around September 21st. It was such a great day for me as I was given a chance to prove myself.

These wonderful people just didn't know how they changed my life. From that simple "CONGRATULATIONS".

Yes, 2020 really started to be such a bad omen for everyone but this also became one of the best year for those who were hired as a Scholar.

Other than being hired, a few days after, one of our Managers ping me to become one of the Content Creators. Which I believe I have shared to everyone here. But here's another screenshot for that:

I do not get to receive compliments that much with the work that I do and so receiving one is such a great feeling!

Plus instead of 40-50% I was given 60% for my Scholarship/earnings! Whoa!

And with that, here's my first month of earnings:

By this time SLP was pumping to 6 pesos! That's a month of grinding since our payout is every month, but it was such a great thing because SLP answered my prayer as it pumps on the day that we received our payout. Amazing right?!

Being in this guild is really such a blessing!

Let me share to you how I used my first earnings:

Baby's 4th Birthday Celebration

Being able to celebrate my baby's birthday at my partners hometown is on our list though I don't get to throw her an extravagant party but I know she was happy. I also felt glad to use my hard earned money for this.

Bought for myself:

Also bought a cover for it during Shoppee's 11.11 sale!

Ahh! Such a great thing to use when playing Axie and writing some article or even when doing my corporate job. Been wanting to buy this for myself because I kept on having back pain especially when I have to sit for like 8-10 hours!

I do not buy anything expensive for myself because I usually feel guilty. This one's not too expensive though plus it really helped me not to suffer from back pains anymore!

Pay Bills

Last November 8 our Electricity Service got disconnected since I was unable to pay on time. I already got the notice but I was in my partners hometown by that time. Though I was planning to pay for the bill on that day through gcash but I didn't got any chance because around 8am it got disconnected. We thought it was just a mere power outage but it wasn't. Imagine my fear of realizing we might not get to have electricity for a month?! Well, that's what others have experienced and I was so nervous because I am working from home plus my kids can't live without electric fan!

I had to go to VECO's main office just to get it reconnected the catch is, I paid twice the amount that I should be paying for, so instead of 3000 I paid almost 7000 because they asked for a deposit.

Good thing I got my payout and I was able to use it so we could get our electricity reconnected.

Being a mom is pretty hard especially when you are also a breadwinner. I got to budget my earnings well for food consumption, bills and babies needs plus my siblings school expenses so as mom's medicine.

Axie Infinity and this scholarship really helped me a lot!

...end thoughts...

I would like to use this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Maam Angie, Maam Vanessa and Sir Charles! Thank you so much Managers for this chance that you have given to me, you are such a blessing to everyone in both MUNE and BOXY GUILD. May God Bless You a thousand folds.

Date Published: 11/20/2021

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Written by Β Β 173
2 months ago
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Congratulations on getting a scholarship and being a content creator for your guild. You’re doing great in your first month πŸ’™

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2 months ago