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My Heartfelt Gratitude to Patronage

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1 month ago

When I started this platform I really don't know what awaits me. For one, I am not a crypto fan. Two months ago I was just a working mom looking for a different means to earn because my main job isn't enough to support my family and the extended ones especially when pandemic started.

Last year, has been full of challenges that I never really knew if I could manage. I lost my love ones because of Covid and my family members lost their jobs. Still I continue to strive hard. My life before all these BCH journey has never been easy.

When I started my journey here I met a few individuals who then became my inspiration. Let me name a few:





They have been my motivation at first. Then, as I get to familiarized the platform I noticed them talking about #CLUB1BCH and #BCHCHARITYBOX.

And from there I aimed to SAVE while HELPING others. That is when I got to meet other great individuals who were driven by their goals to reach 1BCH:











I also met here other great people:




I have also met few individuals in Noise.Cash that I couldn't mention here because they don't have of which I am grateful. But other than that I kept on eyeing Patronage by Sir @Macronaldit seems that the universe align with me as I celebrated my 2 months here in both read and noise I got nominated, that is after I became an official #CLUB1BCH member.

It was quite so fast that I got so overwhelmed as other users whom I never thought would possibly like my content started to subscribe to me and commented my articles despite the fact the sometimes it is some sort of drama and pity thoughts. I may have a lil knowledge now with how the market works, its history and the likes but I am not too confident to write about it as I am afraid I may give incorrect information.

Current number of subscribers.

Currently I have 66 number of subscribers and this amazes me. Just by having 10 already makes me feel like there are butterflies in my stomach the more with these 66 users!

You see, I do not really aim to be well known. I only wanted to gain virtual friends whom I can interact and share my thoughts. I only make contents that makes me feel like I am confident to talk about. Something that won't make me feel embarrass.

And when I started my Patronage journey I have also noticed other users sharing their thoughts on my articles:






I hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for interacting with me and I hope that we could have a bigger community in the future.

I believe without Patronage's help I wouldn't gain more subscribers and more upvotes. @Macronald sir I cannot thank you enough. Please continue this advocacy as it helps big time to new users and people like me who badly needs a back up income to support the family.

As my way to return the favor and also continue my advocacy to give back in line with @TruSuccessXpert from Good Karma Community I will give upvotes to the users who will become beneficiaries weekly.

I can only give lil that I have though as I would be getting it from my earnings. I will give 0.05-0.10 or more depending on how much I will get within a day.

I always see to it that I have at least one article a day as long as I won't go through writers block again then I will continue to write and strive hard to give you guys quality content.

If you guys are on noise I usually conduct ARTICLE TRIVIA in order to boost interaction and help other users as well.

Feel free to check the users that I have mentioned above. Surely you all would learn a lot from them be it from crypto related contents or their own experiences.

Thank you guys for droppin by and reading my article!

Feel free to check on my latest articles as well:

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$ 0.50 from @Macronald
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Written by Β Β 104
1 month ago
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@Glez I love this heartfelt post and all the gratitude you expressed! It took me a little while to get to read your contribution to the GKA but it was worth the wait. Enjoy the Good Karma and thank you for this wonderful post to the community!πŸ˜ƒ

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for another Good Karma blessing ! Surely will share this to anyone. As much as I can I would tag you when necessary to promote good karma because of this community I got blessed so I will blessed the others as well.

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1 month ago

I agree that patronage is a lovely initiative and that it perpetuates what is vital here - The Gifting Economy. We are all in this together, we give and we get, and of course, we mostly get so we must be thankful for those very few, very rare users who give more than get. Like the custodian for Rusty. Cheers

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1 month ago

Yes! I am in love with how we interact in this platform and how kind hearted each and every individuals are. Everytime we do good towards other people it creates a chain and makes those people do good for others as well.

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1 month ago

awww! another special mention, thank you, thank you. sending my virtual hug..

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1 month ago

My pleasure :) we continue to rock this platform and hope for the best for everyone!

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1 month ago

Very happy with your tour! I hope we have a beautiful journey on!

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1 month ago

We will. πŸ™‚

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1 month ago