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"Great Power, comes with Greater Responsibility"

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11 months ago
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Are you one of those who dream for a position in your company?

Have you been aiming for a promotion?

Let's talk about things that you should expect when promoted. This is not to demotivate you but to show transparency and to expose you to what could possibly awaits with that promotion.

If you ask me what are my basis?

  • Personal Experience

  • Observation i.e. Boss and Colleagues

When Pandemic hit the country it was never easy for the Business industry to survive. Some closed doors, some stayed a float, some had their game plan totally changed to prevent from getting drown while up to now there are some businesses who is on a SURVIVAL stage.

How did our Company survive Pandemic?

I am working to one if not the Biggest BPO in our Country. When Pandemic hit, everything was in chaos but I can never forget the fear of each employees to lose their Job.

But you know what, this is when I started to have much respect to all the Managers and Supervisors who are PRO-EMPLOYEE.

In just a month, 80% were deployed as WAH or WORK AT HOME set up. With the following:

  • Free internet connection

  • Allowance for those who has their own internet connection at home

  • Devices

Then for those who would need to stay on site because of connection issues they have these:

  • Free Food

  • Free Ride

  • Hazard Pay

This was all after the company adjusted to the changes but what amazes me? When March last year lockdown was announced and some areas were restricted due to high cases especially that our place became the COVID HOTSPOT of the Whole Country. We were given these priviledges, no exception from UTILITIES up to the HIGHEST RANK:

  • SNS or Stay Near Site

    -We are assigned to all stay to a HOTEL near our site and were picked up and dropped off everyday. I remembered after my 1 month stay I looked at my bill and it showed 32000 that's equivalent to $640, take note, that is only for ME. We have others who were staying at the most expensive hotels ALL PAID by the company. All the BPO companies by that time were doing their best to secure their staffs. We get to meet other employees from different companies who stayed on the same Hotel. All of the hotels, inns, you name it! Were FULLY BOOKED for a month or two.

  • SOS or Stay on Site

    -To those who were unable to get a chance to have a room or hotel for them they were given foams/ bed and were assigned to different rooms all over the building. There were also some curtains for privacy.


    -Since the restau's were closed even supermarkets that time, we were given free meal by the company. Which made me save more and I was able to send more to my family despite the fact that I am away from them.

The Company never hesitated to spend millions of dollars just to get everything set up and make sure that all of us could get back to our Family and finally, work at the comfort of our own Home.


There were times when my Boss won't be able to get enough sleep for a back to back meeting. Everything is done virtually but believe me it is all draining compared to office set up.

All of the countries all around the globe suffered but I salute those who has the best Leaders and implemented an action plan right away.

As for my Boss, he asked for our cooperation by that time, it is hard to stay away from my Family for a month. I had a breakdown but gives updates from time to time, there maybe anxiety he wanted but he asked us to hold on. He said:

" I know it is not gonna be easy and it will be bumpy for us but lets hold on tight. Let us make sure that aftermath of this Pandemic we can keep our jobs and that we could still have a job while this is all on going."

How lucky are we to have such a Boss? He even would force us to enjoy our leave credits when given the chance especially when the borders were open for all to go back and fourth their Province or Home Town.

I remembered one time when there was an Earthquake:

"I was grabbing my things like crazy as the building continued to shake which makes me dizzy ready to walk out of the building when the quake stops".

Then, my Boss entered our Office asking us of we're okay. He also instructed us to check on the New Hires who were on Training, in a calm manner.

When the earthquake suddenly stopped we started to compose ourselves and do what was told. When we get back, he was still sitting on his chair and typing things on his PC. He then asked if the others were okay. I said,"Yeah, they were rattled but they are feeling better. Sir, I admire how calm you are and the fact that you can still think of us while we are ready to run outside".

He said,"As a Boss I need to make be the last person to go outside of the Building. That is part of my responsibility. I have to make sure everyones out and safe before me".

I was stunned and up to now I remember those exact words.


By those previous months we worked hand in hand to become each others support system. We even had virtual meetings or one on one with our Bosses just to check if we are okay both physically and mentally.

As someone who is on the lower position, I am lucky since my Boss is very transparent and honest to us. He stands as our Father in the company. While on the other hand, some of the people would keep on ranting about those who are in the higher position.

I have close friends who were a TL or a Manager especially those that I have been with before and they would open up how our industry is starting to become TOXIC. This is with all the changes and updates that they need to grasp. Moreover, they struggle delivering those updates or news especially when it would affect the team in a negative way.

For example, the higher levels were asking to put our Floor Support back as an agent. How awkward can it get? You are known to be an expert and somehow new hires would look up to you like you are some kind of a Supervisor or mentor then all of a sudden those you taught or trained or assisted may become your teammate.

This might be okay for some, but most won't be happy. You worked so hard to get that position even if you won't be well compensated then you will be asked to get back to where you started?

But then again, everything has a reason. They are asked to take calls and be an agent because they are needed to fill in the missed number of staffs or work force.


So if you plan to move up be ready to face the fact that you might have to miss your daughters event, a birthday, someones special day or a certain meal with the family.

When you get to have a position you have to think about the welfare of your subordinates before you. Make sure that you are prepared both physically, mentally and emotionally as GREAT POWER, comes with GREATER RESPONSIBILITY.

Disclaimer: Images Source: Unsplash

Lovely! Thanks for reaching here. How are you? I'd love to read some thoughts.

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Written by Β Β 209
11 months ago
Topics: Reading, Tips, Update, Ideas, Promotion, ...
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Woooow, you're really lucky po to have an amazing company that provided all of that to you po.

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11 months ago

Thank you. Oo kaya minsan kahit pressure din dito go pa rin. Coz yung iba na company basta2 lang nag te.term habang kami pinag work at home pa.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Dati ganyan gusto ko na job. Kaso nung nalaman ko panu work sa loob , d ko na ninais pa 🀣

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Its stressful pro ok lng bsta di toxic. Iba n yung stress kpa toxic pa katrbaho. Wla namang trbaho n hindi nkakapagod so i go for the less evil hahahaah

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11 months ago

That Is very true, I would like to relate it to financial stability. I have noticed it on me personally, when I had one income the number of issues I have was manageable with the amount of income i used to have. Then I got promoted and my financial level increased, regardless of being a bit better financially stable as compared to previous years to my surprise life issues that require money increased, just like that. Hence I say it's related, in short, let me say. The more financially stable you get, the more issues arise that require money.

$ 0.05
11 months ago

Yes. So I really wanna push though that if we got promoted we have to control not to change too much with our ways of living coz if we follow the trend like buy a car, and etc without thinking if its needed or not just because of the thought that you got promoted then thats wrong it will give more problem rather than comfort.

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11 months ago

First of it all it sounds you work for an excellent company that seems to take care of their employees and value them. Here in the UK it was not the case, some got rid of people immediately. With respect to promotion, yes the higher up the promotion ladder you go, the more stress you accumulate, certainly in my experience. I also understand how hard it must have been away from your children.

$ 0.05
11 months ago

Right. Im blessed to have this company and boss... There were sacrifices that we just have to take both ends. Coz its never easy to lose a job in times of a pandemic. At least while i was asked to stay near site I was pretty sure that my family have food on the table and were not staved just like how the others suffer. Just heart breaking is we cant extend more help coz we were also struggling. So I pray for everyone to heal and for this pandemic to be gone like totally gone.

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11 months ago