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Aspiring Call Center: You Might Want to Know

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1 month ago
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This article is in line with my first article about being a Call Center. I want to share some details here as to what are the things that you would have to learn or expect especially for those aspirants.

Also, if you have any other things to ask do not hesitate to write it down to comment section. I will be more than glad to help!

  1. Scope and Support

As you go along with being a Call Center, you do not just go directly knowing all the things you needed in a day or two. At times, training may take 1 month or so depending on how crucial or critical is the scope and support that you are assigned to and how many tasks. As for me, I am under a technical-billing-customer service type of account. Now what's the difference compared to other accounts? Our scope covers all the needs of the customer. We can even sell if there's something we can offer and help customer when needed to lower their bill. Moreover, if customer has technical problems we can also assist. Though I cannot disclose my account since in a Call Center industry you will be assigned to an account depending on the skills and knowledge you showcase during assessment and interview, but there will be a lot of accounts in Call Center.

Travel and Tours, Ticketing for Cinema, Technical, Customer Service, Billing and many more. That is why, when you graduate from a certain course like Accounting then most likely you will be referred to Billing or any Bank related account that may hone your skills.

Other people who does not know this would say that Call Center is such a brainless job without even knowing how critical it is for us to even understand and read rate codes. Good when you have IT or programming background so you could understand how system works but if not, then you got to believe that "fake it until you make it" mantra.

  1. Communication and Product Training

So when you enter in the Call Center industry there are 2 types of training that you got to pass before you can really continue your journey with Call Center industry. This may depend on the company as well.

Communications Training is where you discuss basic grammar and comms skills that would help you when talking to our customers especially that English is not our mother language then we have to undergo this training and so we would be aware what are those Filipino Slang that should not be used or that we should be aware.

Example: "It is more hotter today than yesterday".

We should not use more since hotter is already in comparative form but many are guilty with this.

Next is Product Training, once you pass the Communications Training with all those grammar and comprehension exams then you can proceed with Product Training. This is where you would know more about the account and what are the tools and scope that you may have within your job. That is where you get to realize there is so much to being just answering a call.

  1. Call Flow

When you become a Call Center Agent this will become a great part of your daily life as this serves as your guide as to how you can assist your customer daily.


Greeting: Hi! Thank you for calling ____. This is (Your Name). How can I help you?

Customer: states the issue

Relate: I understand how important it is to get your ___ issue resolved. I would surely feel the same but I will do my best so to make you day better.

Authentication: May I have your name and address please?

Note: There could be different ways to authenticate the account. This one is very crucial.

Resolution: Thank you for providing me all the details. I can see that we can resolve this issue by,____________.

Closing: Now that we have successfully fixed your issue I would like to give a quick recap to make sure I covered all your concern. You called in because you had an issue with __. What I did is ____. Is there anything else that I can help?

I am glad I was able to help you. Once again this is ( Your Name ). Thank you for calling _____ and have a great day!

Reminder: This is just a sample spiel and call flow guys. It maybe different on other account/companies and this is way different from ours too but this one's the basic that I can provide. While talking to the customer you should also do your best to multitask since you have to work on your metrics and that there is a time limit for every call so you can pass your performance.

...end thoughts...

In call center industry you are evaluated and every month you would have to reach your metrics so you could get more incentives and/or to make sure you can still keep your job. But call center industry is just the same as any other industry. Madami ding chesmess sa buhay na nangyayari. Lol!

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Written by Β Β 165
1 month ago
Topics: Goals, Awareness, Advice, Feelings, Facts, ...
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I hope you get as many incentives as possible in your call center.

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Save ko nlng to in case kelanganin hehe

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