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A Beautiful Mess

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Written by Β Β 173
1 month ago

At times when I got fed up being a mom I get to wish to be able to live at peace even for a while. Being a mom means you got to do household chores that seems to be never ending, you got to wake up on wee hours because your baby needs milk, you got to wake up early in the morning despite lack of sleep because you need to take care of your family's needs like cook for them, wash the dishes and a lot more.

But then I saw some posts in Facebook where someone got cheated by her husband and the other one got a miscarriage or lost their child through sickness. It made me realize, everyday for me is such a beautiful mess.

  • A dirty sink

  • A pile of laundry

  • Messy toys

  • A babys messy food

  • Disarranged clothes

These things are a beautiful mess. Yes, as a mom it can really be tiresome to just keep on doing a never ending household chores but I would always be glad doing this because I know that I have my family with me. Having these would mean that I have the love of my life to erase all my tiredness away.

I cannot imagine myself waking up to a clean sheet, well arranged things but living alone.

When COVID 19 hit the country, I was advised to stay near site. I stayed in a hotel for a month alone. I go to work and go home when I am sleepy just to divert my attention from missing my children and family.

This pandemic made me realize a lot of things like life is indeed short.

Now that I have a family of my own, I want to live longer. I want to see my children grow up and fulfill their dreams. I want to be there whenever they needed someone to hold on to. I want to be that kind of mom they can run to and someone they can talk to anything under the sun.

My focus in life is mainly for my kids. I want them to have the best in life. I bet no Mom would want something bad for her children. I want whats best for them and I want to make sure they would need not experience sleeping while their stomach are growling because we got no food. I do not want them to cry because I can't buy them milk.

So despite all the mess and how unorganized our house is because my 2 daughters who tend to just play around I am good with it as long as they remain healthy.

...end thoughts...

My family is my anchor to continue living life to the fullest and so I will continue to strive harder for them.

What about you? Do you have any story that you think is good to share?

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Written by Β Β 173
1 month ago
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