Detect the Truth and the lie

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7 months ago

How is the weekend everyone? What week for me. This Is the most unproductive week for me since this year. Nobody can truly tell what happens tomorrow. All plans were made for this week but none was achieved because I was bedridden. I'm happy to be in good health alas. From my screenshots, I have read an interesting article from @LeonaReed in which she shared her two truths and one lie, and has left on us to decide which one is the truth and which is a lie. I guessed that her second story was a lie as well, while the other two were the truth. Anyway, I have also decided to give my own version, so let's move towards it. I have so many things to write leaving you guys with the option to determine which of my stories is truth and which is a lie, hehe! Let's go..

"Just as I was about to feed the birds, one of them grew larger wings and launched an attack on me. I was so small that it saw me as a threat, but little does she know that I was in charge of her feeding at the moment. It was the mother hen, she had thought I came for her chicks because they cried out loud as I opened the door. At first, she flew past me and perched on the roof, that was probably a warning that I should leave her territory but I couldn't read that. The next thing she did was jumping on me with her claws and out of fright, I hit her with a bucket trying to defend myself and she broke her wing.That was tragic and it wasn't me to blame"

"One day at the market, I was pricing a yam hoping to buy them because they looked good and fresh. I didn't have it on my list but when I caught sight of it, it was so irresistible. I decided to buy it after I bought everything I budgeted for. After pricing the yam and deepening my hands into my purse to pay, I discovered that my money which I thought I put in there had fallen out. I didn't know how it happened and can't explain till today. The woman who was selling the yam was just looking at me searching for myself like... Alas, I went straight to the POS to make withdrawal of the cash I paid for the yam. As I was going home, I kept thinking about what happened to the money and how it vanished. It was when I got home and was done cooking the yam I remembered I ate my favorite local dish in a local restaurant in the market. Ouch!"

Life can be different

One thing I realized recently about this life is that one can eat to fill, her favorite food and make so many things she wants to happen. With a filled stomach, we are happy and preparing for the next day, she begins to choose the color of fabrics to wear to an occasion and select a matching makeup and place an order of things she likes to haye for herself. All these in good health and a filled stomach. But...

The difference..

... When life hits her hard and she falls sick in bed, all decision will be made for her. The choice of clothes and what to have matters no more. Even the best food she likes becomes tasteless and difficult to eat. Life can really be different. All through last week especially last weekend, I was bubbling in good health. I even drafted my plans for the new week but just on Monday the beginning of the new week, I fell so sick that everything around me don't matter. Even the food I love most, I couldn't eat it because I lost appetite for everything. The birthday I already planned with my colleague went successfully in my absence and the surprise package we prepared was also delivered successfully in my name. Today I'm in good health and recounting everything that has happened. Life!!!

This is it guys, I bet it gonna be difficult to say which of my story is true and which is a lie. Hehe! That's like a challenge though. I am looking forward to seeing more entries from you guys, I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Sunday to you all. See you in the next article and bye for now.


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