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This is what Socialism did to my country, Venezuela.

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1 year ago

Venezuela, a country that not so long ago became one of the strongest economies in America, a country that has the largest oil reserves on the planet, with beautiful landscapes and beautiful traditions, all this overshadowed by a socialist dictatorship, which has been on power for more than 20 years.

Beautiful, isn't it? you see a country like this and you think, I'd like to visit it, it must be a power in tourism, a beautiful place to live.

But as everything in this life, a mismanagement can damage anything and unfortunately this has been the case with my country.

The beginning

It all began in 1999, when a socialist government full of many false promises and beautiful words, took power from the country, beginning what would be in the future, the worst situation in Venezuela in its history.

Free education, public health, free gasoline, housing and free food, public services almost free, so little by little it was getting hooked on people in the country, my parents told me that people lived a very happy environment, people simply could not believe that these things were happening, but what everyone wouldn't know is that this wasn't going to last long.


What happens when a socialist model realizes that private enterprise is thriving more than them? simple, comes the famous expropriation.

The government began expropriating all private companies that did not want to get to their knees, started with large international companies, such as banks, international oil companies, supermarket chains, until a time came when up to small shops, homes, land, all the things that they want to have, they would have it without anyone being able to do anything against

This scares everyone, would you risk investing in a country where your business and money could be stolen overnight just because someone else would like that? I think no, no one would want that, that's why private investment was gradually diminishing until it reached a point where it became extremely small.


Remember everything I told you about free services, education, and health?

Well I will ask you a asks, what do you think happens when a company offers its services for free and this company receives absolutely no income? exactly this collapse and that is what happened.

Public institutions: began to deteriorate, classrooms, tables and educational material were completely damaged, while in other parts of the world new educational methods were being implemented, here it was time to use the material of years ago, thus achieving that many public institutions close, and could not sustain themselves.

Today this is the state of many of the public school institutions, adding also the great desertion by teachers, who prefer leaving the country because they are only earning $3 per month for their services, which is demeaning. Today there are very few public schools that remain active, so the vast majority of students are forced to go to some of the private school institutions that are still in the country, these with extremely expensive prices, compared to the Minimum salary.

Health sector:One of the most affected in the country, it is very sad to see the state in which the vast majority of hospitals in Venezuela are located.

Dirt, resource shortages, infections, agony, this is what hospitals here represent today, you talk about public health, but when you arrive, you realize that it's not at all like this, there you risk exposing yourself in a polluted environment, the hospital dont have medical supplies, so you find yourself in the obligation to bear all the expenses, looking on your own all the material needed for what you need, so it is very large the large number of people who can not be treated in the country , because they do not have the necessary resources, even when talking about a "Public Health".

The first sign in red says "there aren't water"

Public services:Private companies that in the past were responsible for providing public services such as: Water, electricity, telephony and the internet, were taken over by the government, thus setting ridiculously low prices, in some cases even free, which made with the these were getting worse, due to the low maintenance and the little investment they received.

Electricity it's one of the most affected public services of all, there have been so many damage by the electricity system of the country, so for a long time the rationing of light occurred in the country, but not in such a constant way like nowadays, this because in March of last year, after the largest blackout of our country, which lasted more than 4 days, the electric system collapsed to such a level that today we suffer daily power outages from 6 to 8 hours.

Likewise, the water is rationed in several states of the country and the internet and telephony services are of the slowest in the world, possessing a maximum internet speed no higher than 2mb at best.

And many will say but if it's so bad system of government, why haven't they come out of them? well the truth is that like all dictatorships, nothing is so easy, there have been thousands of struggles, protests that have taken place, and which only left only a large number of young fighters killed.

Murdered by whom?

They have endowed weapons to delinquents, which they send to the places where they know that there will be riots to kill people and thus create fear of going out on the streets and not only that, the security forces are taken by them and although there are more good military, those who do not want to repress their people, they are threatened and anyone who rebels before them is imprisoned, tortured and in the worst of cases murdered, very ugly, right?

These and a thousand things are what this socialist dictatorship has done to my country, but we do not give up, we still have faith and we continue to struggle to recover our country, and for the 5 million Venezuelans who have had to leave the country to find a Better future and so that one day they can return to their homeland and let's be that prosperous country that we once were.

Thanks for reading this is all ... For now.

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Written by   66
1 year ago
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"While most of us agree that socialism doesn’t work, and some of you have correctly mentioned some other elements, what you really need to understand is that it is not the ONLY reason for the destruction of the country. 😠😠

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3 months ago

thanks for your report.

it's truly sickening

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1 year ago

Totally, but the time will come for change!

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

love this article ❤

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1 year ago

It is good to keep a record of this. Saddest thing is the country can be changed back in a few months by allowing free trade and guaranteeing property rights.

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1 year ago

The time will come when all this is over, here no one loses faith yet, we all keep fighting, thanks for your comment friend!

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1 year ago

Very well written articule ! Its giving me a lot info about socialism in ur county, Venezuela. Im waiting for updates !

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9 months ago

Socialism in Statist society will always become corrupted by those who stand to lose the most via socialism, the wealthy, corporate and political elite.

"While most of us agree that socialism doesn’t work, and some of you have correctly mentioned some other elements, what you really need to understand is that it is not the ONLY reason for the destruction of the country.

This is not caused by “mismanagement”, “ignorance” (of those in power), “incompetency”, or anything like that. Unfortunately, most foreigners fail to understand because they tend to simplify the problem associating it with only one word.

On the contrary, the regime has been extremely efficient on their true goals.

This is intentional. This is cuban/castrist plan done on purpose in order to destroy the country, eliminate real opposition (by means of exile or by starvation), and have a slave population. Supported by a tailor made opposition, hordes of internet bots, and yes, some “intellectuals” around the world that still believe in this joke called socialism. The same who wear Che Guevara t-shirts and Levi’s jeans.

This is a country invaded by cubans, russians, iranians, chinese, and international terrorist / drug trafficking groups, with only one goal: Power.

THIS is the real cause.

ONCE you understand the above, then you can reconsider all your theories about the causes of this disaster." -

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1 year ago