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My achievements with BCH in a country in crisis.

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1 year ago

Today I wanted to make a different post, in which I will tell you how I was able to accomplish several of my goals with the help of BCH, the way my life has changed too much.

Since I met the world of cryptocurrencies and BCH became my main income, my life took a turn of 360 degrees, achieving many things that are extremely difficult at least here in my country.

What have these goals been?

Better work and source of income

Well, after being in a job where I wasn't appreciated, where I put all my effort, even though I only made 5$ a month, and I had a 9-hour work schedule a day, from Monday to Saturday.

To generate more income, doing something that I love, where my work is valued and I meet great people.

But even so, I must say that Barism is something that I am still very passionate about, a great knowledge that I always carry with me.

This photo was taken by a friend, where I made a challenge which consists of make latte art, holding the cup without your hands.

Helping my family

I achieve to help much more in my house, not only with food, but also with some medical expenses and other situations.

I know, this maybe for a lot of people is not an achievement, but for me yes it is, because with my salary before, as I told them it was only 5 dollars a month, I couldn't contribute almost anything in my house, which made me feel very bad, especially knowing the very difficult situation in which my country is and seeing how my parents worked very hard.

This was one of the first markets I could buy for my house, giving some snacks to my parents, who love them.

Another goal I fulfilled was to expand my knowledge.

I have always thought that there is nothing more precious than knowledge, so every thing I learn, I appreciate it a lot. So I always seek to learn new things and overcome myself, even if everyone is against me, I fight for it.

My university studies

Well, I haven't fulfilled this goal yet, but I'll soon do it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to start studying at university the career I love, because I do not have enough funds to do it, but for this reason, I find myself working hard and gradually raising enough money to pay for my full career, and manages to make my parents proud.

Please tell me what your achievements have been, not only by the hand of BCH, but also other cryptocurrencies you have used, I would very much like to read them.

Thank you all so much for reading.

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Written by   66
1 year ago
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Please tell me what your achievements have been, not only by the hand of BCH, but also other cryptocurrencies you have used, I would very much like to read them.

I dont have any achievement yet but my plan is to buy a wifi reapter nextmonth using bch i ean here in 😅

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3 months ago

Hi Bro i am happy to hear all that about you and your achievements, i hope you gain more success in near future .

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1 year ago

Thx bro, I wish you all the best too!

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1 year ago

Good post Gerson.

It makes a little sad to see the wealth in the world distributed so crazily that ordinary people are born into horrific conditions.

hopefully Bitcoin Cash can empower more people, let them gain & exercise control over their finances - and life.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much, it is very sad to see and live all these situations, but we must never give up, the best way to overcome ourselves is by working hard and giving the best of us, I am very grateful to BCH for helping me more and more every day to fulfill my goals and I know that in the future, many more people will be helped thanks to BCH, a big hug!

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1 year ago

Congratulations friend, I hope we all do as well as you and we continue to improve day by day. Thousands of successes for everyone.

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1 year ago

It makes a little sad to see the wealth in the world distributed so crazily

me too, it's sickening. OP was making $5 a month on a 46 our week and we're throwing around hundred dollar bills for fun here. It's just not right.

hopefully Bitcoin Cash can empower more people

yes, that. But even more importantly crypto can potentially heal all of the ills that stem from our current broken fiat system... and those are plenty and I'm quite sure wealth/income disparity and poverty/corruption is in large part enabled/caused by it, too. (as an aside: thanks to John Perkins for starting the process of opening my eyes to what the fuck is going on in the world many years back and thanks to Satoshi for giving the people a weapon. now it's our turn...)

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1 year ago

Here there are very successful people, and working hard you can get ahead, there are very good proposals, good outings, unfortunately everything became crazy, but well not everyone is crazy, we will go many ahead, we are successful, and as you look to the future. BCH is an investment a good escape, and I know that with BCH there is a very good future.

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1 year ago

Very good articule, nice too read it about your achievements, Waiting for new updates from you ! God bless you

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9 months ago