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Bitcoin cash animal rescue: Our second activity feeding street puppies, has been a success!

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2 weeks ago

Hello community, once again I find myself super happy here presenting what has been our second street animal feeding activity by Bitcoin cash animal Rescue.

First of all I want to thank all the people who have supported this project, without a doubt without this wonderful community none of this would be possible.

That is why for this second activity, I have taken the initiative to print a small poster, which you can see present in all photographs, always making it clear that all this is possible thanks to Bitcoin cash.

I also want to apologize for the low quality in the photos, pitifully my colleague who lent me her phone at the first activity, was unable to attend, so I had to use my phone which is a J2 and its photographic quality is not so good.

Without further saying, I want to thank you all again and ask you to help me spread this work so that we can reach more and more people and show the wonderful things that we are achieving together with Bitcoin cash.

So I leave you with a summary of our second activity as Bitcoin cash animal rescue.

Puppies are beings full of much love, it is really beautiful to see how many of them have shown great appreciation for us for giving them our help, it is part of what makes this project really worthwhile.

Something that excited me a lot was these two puppies that we fed on our first activity and just as we approached them again to feed them, immediately recognized us and very nobly approached us.

without a doubt this crisis to made that increases the number of people who abandon their dogs to their own fate, esot because they cannot take care of them, but I must also clarify that there is the other side of the coin.

People who continue to fight hard to support their pets and in this case, we have met several of these families, who very kindly, as they saw us do our job they came to us to ask us for food for their pets, to which we accept without hesitation, understanding the situation that we all go through.

Today we live in a world where bad news reigns, which is why doing this type of activity pleases many people, because it shows that good things can still be done for others, in this case by the animals, who do not deserve to live in these conditions either. Bitcoin cash is giving us all a great opportunity, let's do big and wonderful things with this opportunity.

First activity:

This is Bitcoin cash animal rescue:


Bitcoin cash animal rescue wallet: bitcoincash:qp7tk6kacg0nfljrq8ewsm0hutup96kp9s2pgu8lv8

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Written by   75
2 weeks ago
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Thank you for sharing your activities with Bitcoin Cash Animal Rescue with us. Please keep up the good fight!

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2 weeks ago