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Bitcoin cash animal rescue needs your support.

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1 week ago

Dear community, a big greeting from Bitcoin cash animal rescue.

As some know, almost a month ago we started a fundraising campaign on the platform for the creation, installation and constant maintenance of 100 BCH animal feeders, feeders which have been part of our project on several occasions.

At first the campaign received a quick support which we greatly appreciate.

Unfortunately, the goal we set for ourselves has not been achieved even after almost a month.

Our idea was to start with this project once the goal was fully achieved, but sadly we see it very difficult to achieve the total goal, at least in a short period of time.

So we have made the decision to wait a last week and start with what we have collected so far, which gives us at this time to create about 14 feeders approximately.

Of course we do not lose the expectation, nor the desire to be able to achieve the total goal, but it does not depend on us for the moment.

If you want to support our project, you can do it in the following link

Sponsors Cash

Or through our official wallet

Bitcoin Cash animal rescue wallet

We count on all of you to achieve this and if we do not reach the goal, we will give our best effort to achieve as much as possible

Every help, big or small, is of great use. Let's achieve incredible things with Bitcoin cash.

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$ 5.41 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.05 from @NakamotoBch
$ 0.02 from @jasglaybam
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Written by   83
1 week ago
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Siempre pone tú mejor esfuerzo, ojalá puedan llegar a la meta. Yo estoy sin nada de dinero siempre me gusta apoyarlos. Pero también rescató animales y el dinero no abunda. Se que las palabras no ayudan pero no tengo nada más amigo para ofrecer, quizás en otro momento. Saludos...

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1 week ago