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Are we part of the problem or the BCH solution?

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1 year ago

Recently I was on Reddit, reading several users, the truth is that I found the platform interesting, even though I'm a new user, I noticed many things, but one of the ones that caught my attention the most was the following.

I looked a lot at the headline and gave me the intrigue to see that users would respond, but a single comment was the one that stole my attention completely, which is next

To be honest, this comment caused many things in me, a mixture of sadness and discomfort being specific, so I decided to analyze everything well.

I've been thinking for a while, a question flooded my head, which was "Are we really as selfish?" This is repeated over and over in my head, without getting an answer.

I think: Yes, we have made many mistakes and many times we have seen more for ourselves, leaving others aside, even knowing that all this is thanks to us as a community.

But they're small mistakes that everyone makes, this community is so much more than that, so after a while thinking, I found the answer that I was looking for. Here On Read.Cash


You still don't understand? simple. You're seeing is a mutually supportive community, users who aren't even "Great BCH representatives" all together relying on a project

And this is happening on a platform, which is not that it has been online for long, which does not have millions of users, but it is a platform on which people are very proud of BCH.

So, if as a community we all do not feel happy and enjoying supporting BCH-based subprojects, supporting our colleagues, to support and boost the community, Do you think we would not like to voluntarily contribute to the financing and development of BCH?

Of course! we would agree, that's why I keep insisting that there's a better solution to all this, as I said in my last post, forcibly taking money from the community is not a good idea.

I believe in this community as much as I believe in my peers, that's why I'm defending this.

And I know many will say things like: You haven't been as long as we have in this world, others won't even know who I am, but I tell you something? I feel as much part of this project as you do and that's why I'm still here, giving my full support and I'll keep doing it while I can.

I wish you all a happy day

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Written by   66
1 year ago
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@MarcDeMesel Thank you so much for the donation, you don't know how much you've helped me with that!

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1 year ago

i think problem is creating its own solution

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1 year ago

There's a saying "you are your own worst enemy".

So yes, we, humans, are part of the problem we have to solve.

I believe crypto is one tool we can use to solve a lot of problems peacefully.

Disagree about something so much that you want to split? Yes, you can. It's painful, so painful that people will think twice, three times, even more. There is big incentive for staying together and working things out. Especially when it's a currency that is global, and not limited by the borders of geography or speech.

We can all be part of the solutions.

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1 year ago

I agree with you, we have a super tool, a very sharp sword, with which we could cut off many problems from the root in an effective and peaceful way, but instead, what do we do? we use this sword against ourselves, we get hurt, when in reality we are all fighting for the same cause.

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1 year ago