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Spider of the death

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1 year ago

Years ago, i was taking an afternoon nap in my bed. When i awake, i noticed something on my chair. My chair is, which i use when i sit in the front of my computer. Which i did all the time. I noticed that this thing is crawling on my chair. I got up to observe it closely. It was a fucking huge spider. A very scary, probably dangerous one. I quickly decided to kill it. I was barely able to move, my body was still in sleep mode, but i stand up from the bed, and started hitting the spider with my bare hands. Touching that thing with my bare hands was quite of shocking. And it didnt died. It didnt even noticed when i was hitting it, it was just crawling slowly. I hit it again, and again. It had no effect. It was crawling slowly, it was unstoppable.

Then the spider started fading away. Slowly, like in a movie, its basically alphablended out. The spider was never there. At this point, i was standing strictly at the wall. I realized that i'm hearing screams. Somebody screams since a minute or so. The scream was in very unusual tone, i have never heard such thing so far. Who could it be, and why he screams? There is nobody else around. Thats right, it was me. I'm realized that i'm the one who screams.

No such thing was happened to me before. So the first plausibe tought was that i just saw a half-dream. The phenomon actually exists, sometimes the dream continues after awaking, altering the reality a bit. This theory didnt satisfyed me at all.

I started to really think on it, but this time, from a spiritual aspect. Back then i didnt do any training, i was in bad shape, bad health condition, i had beginning health issues. I felt bad when i had to stand up and walk, to use the stairs, my mouth was also overly dry, i ate too much chocklet, and i only ate shitty food. Generally, i felt like i watching myself through a fog. I always felt melancholic, my head was heavy. I was very thin, but i still had fat on me. And i was always sitting in that chair. In front of my computer, doing jobs or just chatting around, always. I just didnt moved enough, eat shitty food, my health conditions started to fall rapidly. None was serious so far, i was stilly relatively healthy, but every indicator slowly moved from the green into the yellow zone. Slowly, unstoppably. Just like the spider.

I have realized that this wasnt an actual spider which was just erased from my brain to avoid shock. It wasnt a hallucination either. It was a vision. A vision from god, which just warned me, to exit from that seat, or i will die. The spider was the symbol of the death. And i understood that this was the last warning from god, it seems i somehow missed the previous ones for some reason.

It was very hard to find out, how to train, what trainings i want to do, what trainings i have to do, or how i want to do them… It took weeks to find a way to even start something. But i instantly stopped instantly eating out all the chocklet. First i decided to only eat half of the chocklets. I needed 1 or 2 months to actually start and to really begin training. It was extremely hard, i lacked the stamina, the muscles, the experience (i was never a sport-guy).

I was able to slowly but significantly improve my life in the past years. My general health, my phisical and mental performance, and my mood became better. It wasnt an easy task, but the improvements are so significant that i will not return to my old life-style. I did improvements in various different aspects of my life, and i will list them and explain them individually, one by one. Maybe these points will also help you to make your life significantly better. The points are in time order, its probably not possible to change your life from one second to the another, its probably more like a process that can take years, and its not easy.

1. Healthy diet

I had bad eating habits. I ate trash food, eat too much chocklet and bread. In first step, i have decreased the quantity of chocklet to half table of a chocklet per day. In second step, i decreased it to a few bite after each eating. This improved my blood-sugar results, and also i felt that my digestion is somewhat becoming better. I have stopped eating too much bread as well, i have removed bread from my diet, and added pasta and rice instead. I have removed all type of salamis from the diet and added proper meat instead. I have partitioned my eating habits to eat at least three or four times a day.

2. Excercising

As i was never a sport guy, i have started to think on various forms of excercising. After experimenting with various sports, one of the sports i choosen was running, on rural roads. At first i was only able to run 200 meters, and then i almost died. A few days later, i was able to run 210 meters. Then, 220 meters. Then i fall back to 200 meters. This was too small distance, so it was very humiliating. I have decided to slow down my pace, and go out regularly, in specific times. I decided to go out running once in every three days. This helped me to continue improving my stamina. It took half year to reach 600 meters, and another half year to reach a kilometer. After a few more months, i have reached 4 kilomterers, and my body naturally decided to stay with 4 kilometers.

I was able to go up and down on the straits, i had no problem walking around, the sugar level of my blood became normal, my blood pressure normalized, my mood wasnt dizzy any more.

Later i also have started doing push-ups. I was only able to do three. I told it to a friend who also did push-ups, he laughed. After a week, i was able to do 4 push-ups. He laughed, and assumed i will never be able to make proper number of push-ups. But i had a plan. Just like when i was training myself with running, i always stick small goals in front of my eyes. I have decided to do one more push-ups in every week. So after a few weeks, i have reached 10 push-ups. Later, 20... and so on. After 50, i wasnt able to increase it so quickly, so since then, i only added one more push-up per month. I told my friend about my new performance, and he was shocked that i was able to outperform him.

I do various other forms of excercises as well, medium and high-intensity excercises, about total 6-7 hours per week.

3. Stopped using social media

Most form of modern social media is useless. It consumes time. It takes time away from your REAL friends, your family, your job and hobbies. I slowly erased myself from all form of social media. It was hard for a few days, but then i have realized i dont even miss those people. I suddenly had much more time to be spent on other things. I only kept myself on a few places - on places i REALLY enjoy to be on. I stopped commenting on random sites, stopped debating, stopped being forming oppinion in politics. I stopped being angry when someone forms a politics-related oppinion that i dont agree - i simply ignore it, or i answering his comment relatively politely.

4. Proper sleep habits

My sleeping was not okay, it was quite of random. My days were melting together. Sometimes i went to bed at 6am, and wake up afternoon. Sometimes, i was sleeping more than 11 hours per day. After i have started exercises, the duration of my total sleep time decreased, but it was still far from ideal. Even if i slept very much, i still felt a bit tired. After long time of having unproper sleep peroids, i have decided to go to sleep at the same time every day, and wake up at the same time. It took two whole weeks to adapt my body to the new rules. It had positive impact on me, i was able to process with my jobs must faster and predictably. After setting my sleep time in stone, my sleep hours per day decreased to about 9 hours, and i didnt felt sleepy any more.

5. Spirituality

I always were a spiritual person, but i have started to read the Bible actively, and started to apply it on my life. Not just the nice parts, the actual parts, about how to control conflicts, how to use force when it is neccessary. The Bible helped me to rethink various aspects of life. Various things that was important for me once, were gone. I started to understand far bigger things than before, and i started understanding, why they are working like they are. After inserting god in my life, my life became much better and happier.

6. Success

It was very hard to start up these things. Each of them was a horroristic fights against myself. After the things slowly started to become better, the dream with the spider repeated. This time, the spider appeared below my chair. The spider was different, this time it was dead. I was not afraid from the spider, i felt power and stamina. The spider was appeared as dead, and it was slowly faded away as dead. In my dream, i felt like collecting some mysterical energy. At this point, all of my beginning health-issues were totally gone. My health indicators started to move rapidly upwards. After a while, my life became much better, i started to feel myself just as healthy and energic like when i was as a school-kid. Later on, i started to feel myself even more healthy and energic than back then.

The dream with the spider never repeated again.

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Written by   77
1 year ago
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A very nice article and I can't wait to learn from you. You are a good writer. More knowledge

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1 year ago

Thankyou, i hope you are right! :D

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1 year ago

Wonderful article

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6 months ago

Very nice

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6 months ago