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On the 90th day...

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1 month ago

This is the continuity of another story from @Davinchysax , I felt I could do more with the story he titled The Enchanted Pitch

You can read the beginning of the story with the link above.


The scenario remains unclear to him because he has only seen things like that in movies. Alicia noticed that he was lost in thought and she cuts in, "I am sorry dragging you into this but I wouldn't have been able to get out of this wheelchair if your heart doesn't connect with mine.

It means you are the true love my heart has been longing for.

Tade was still trying to put the pieces together from the night when she was lying down almost lifeless in her room to the moment she stood on her feet. It looked like there was more to it because it is rare for people in her condition to walk again.

He had been quiet with his head bow for over a minute, his mind was far away as Tessy's eyes were fixed on him.

On the other hand, Tessy was wondering why he was lost in thought.

Who wouldn't be surprised? He was interrupted by a sound from the Plasma TV behind him in her sitting room.

Tade reacts quickly to the loud noise as he said quietly "oh they have restored power".

He continued, "I should head back to my apartment because I am not getting what's happening right now".

Tessy ran towards him as he approached the door, Tade turned back to look at why her footsteps were fast. While running, she opened her arms and jumped at Tade, his turn was perfect as both of them embraced each other.

Tessy said while her chest was resting on his chest because he is about 1.4 feet taller than her. "I am sorry, I was overwhelmed with the joy of finding a true love the moment you stepped in while you were listening to my voice earlier".

Tade replied, "I was lost in your world while listening to your voice earlier, I could feel my pores opening and I was covered in goosebumps. I felt something led me from my bed up to your apartment. I haven't felt such emotions in my life before and what's with the voice?

It doesn't sound human, although I have always had this connection with you when I see you around but I find you too beautiful for me to approach you. The voice I had earlier led me here, it seems like it was enchanted.

She removed her hands hung around Tade's neck as she walked to the fridge, she asked if he cared for beer and he nodded.

She brought a bottle of beer and a pack of juice, the two sat close to each other like two old-time lovers. Tade sipped the juice directly from the pack as she smiled.

Tade what you asked for is a long story, the voice might not sound human but it was definitely from a human. I was born with a sweet voice because I remembered how the congregation always wanted to see me sing at the age of eight years old.

My voice made me very popular in my town and my mum was always worried because of the fame I was getting at such age, she would beg me not to flaunt or boast about my voice because not all those who praise me are in love with me. The voice kept getting better as I grow, sometimes I don't believe that I sound so sweet when I listened to my voice when recorded.

Before eighteen, I got an invite from abroad. It came with an offer for me to be trained and become a world-class musician, I felt so excited about it but my mom was worried that those people were going to take me away from her. She begged me to stay until I was old enough to live alone but I didn't listen to her.

I told my dad's family about it since my dad was late and they gave their consent because I promised them lots of money when I get there. The day came and my mom wept because she wished I listened to her, she prayed for me as I left her to board the plane.

We were barely 2 minutes in the air when we heard a loud noise from the left side of the plane, I panicked because it was my first time and I didn't know what was going on. The next thing I heard was the pilot saying everything would be fine but I saw the plane facing the ground and it looked like will be crashing into a thick forest.

I felt like disappearing into my mom's arm and the noise from other passengers wasn't helping the matter. Crashing into the forest was what I remembered last, everywhere went blank and it was like I was disconnected from the world.

Tade slightly moved away from her before asking if she was a ghost? He asked with his mouth trembling.

I am not a ghost but I didn't how I found myself around these strange people. They were administering their local drugs to me when I opened my eyes, they all had a tiny piece of cloth around their waist and the remaining parts of their body were uncovered.

I was terrified and couldn't pretend to still be unconscious so I moved my body, I discovered my voice was different when I said hello. It wasn't as sweet as it used to be, I became more terrified because the flashes from the crashing plane were forcing it way into my head.

An aged woman approached me and told me to relax, she said I was in a safe place but I couldn't reply to her because I sounded horrible. She noticed I kept touching my throat and she held my hand as she helped me up.

She said, "follow me, my daughter". She took me to the top of a mountain and showed me the ground. I saw dead people scattered in the woods and I was more scared thinking I was about to be eaten but it was the other way around, the bodies were the other passengers in the plane.

She said I had something rare and that ability was used to buy me life again. I didn't get her point until she said my voice was traded for my life and that's why I am not dead.

I felt like strangling her but she was gone already, I had a voice saying that I still have one last time to use the voice and when the time comes I would see tiny lights around me, the voice would be restored just for that moment.

I felt extremely sad and it took me days to find my way out of the forest because I didn't want anyone to hear my story of how I survived and how my voice disappeared.

I went to see my mom and begged for disobeying her, she planned on how I started living here to prevent the world from knowing my little secret.

On the day the doctor told me I wouldn't be able to walk again until I find true love, I wept bitterly and while I was crying, I saw tiny lights flying in my direction. They came into ward through the windows even though they were locked and from that point, I remembered the old woman's words.

The light whispered to me and I was told to sing my favorite song by 8am on the 90th day after leaving the hospital. I was not happy because I would be spending the next 90 days on the wheel but the light assured me that true love will find me when I sing and I will be able to walk again.

She paused and held Tade's hand as she concluded her story, today is the 90th day.

I find it interesting tagging someone to do the continuity of the story, I would love @olawalium to join the story and hopefully he gives someone the continuity again.

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Written by   214
1 month ago
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Ahhh...this story is boss. I really enjoyed reading it, I was trying hard to imagine the face of the old woman who saved you and gave you the instructions on what to do. Part 2 pls, I can't wait.

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1 month ago

That is interesting story. While reading your story I'm imagining the tribes in the amazon forest 😅

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1 month ago

They came to my mind while I was writing so I decided to patch it into my story.

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1 month ago

I do not know the previous story of this, so I find hit hard to get the grip, but I must say, you're an amazing writer. I had fun reading this

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1 month ago

There is a link to the previous article at the beginning of this post, it was written by another author.

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1 month ago