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11 months ago

Have you noticed a dreem that is beneficial to everyone and not just the dreemer gets accomplished quickly?

I observe this after using several people as a case study. It is hard to agree that today many humans are selfish with their dreams and this trend keeps going from generation to generation because we didn't just start behaving like that, we also saw it as a way of life from the people that were here before us.

How would it feel if this generation of our generation can break the dreem for myself thing?

THe coming generation are watching and whatever they learn from us is what will be passed down to another generation. If it continues that way, when would things be okay? When would things get better?

Looking back at the massacre that happened in October where the leaders of the country were killed in cold blood in Nigeria, I came to a conclusion that it was all the fault of our parents because the dreams they had were of greed which is only beneficial to themselves. They never thought of what the fate of the coming generations would be, in as much as they are fine. Nothing matters to them anymore.

Let us look deep into ourselves and ask, are my dreams going to help the coming generations or it will bring more pain to them?

Our lives should be a legacy that would be passed on and on, it should be strength to others, it should serve as motivation to others, it should inspire people to influence their environment positively.

The impact of our dreems should be felt by not just us alone, it should be felt by the coming generations as well.

Do you need to adjust your dreems after reading this? Please do because it is time we change the world orientation of how things are done when it comes to dreeming

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Written by   254
11 months ago
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