Use This Trick To Boost Autophagy & Fat Burning Process

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In addition to the data I previously shared with you about losing weight (fat burning, to be precise), enhancing neurogenesis & synaptogenesis, and thus, increasing IQ, you might also benefit by utilizing the following (simple, cheap, and practical) tricks.

Namely, in March of 2000, a scientific paper was published stating that one-hour head-out immersion into cold water (14 degrees Celsius) increases the metabolic rate by 350% while concentrations of the (beneficial-healthy) dopamine and norepinephrine (also known as noradrenaline) were increased by whooping 250% and 530% respectively.


Logically, the greater the metabolic rate, the faster the fat-burning process. Fat burning starts once insulin levels drop low enough, i.e., autophagy gets initiated. Once autophagy enters high gear, several regenerative mechanisms start working, including neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, i.e., the brain begins to regenerate.

Therefore, this is a practice worth incorporating into our routines, despite being quite stressful, neurochemically speaking. If someone wants to quicken the fat-burning process and enhance mental acuity even more, I recommend HIITs (high-intensity interval training), intermittent fasting, and a combination of vitamins K2-D3. Vitamin K2 induces autophagy ( and has antitumor effects on various types of cancer cell lines in vitro ( It is hard to say how much we can quicken this whole process of regeneration and fat burning. For instance, only 30 seconds of sprinting promote the production of HGH (human growth hormone, also known as the fat-burner) by a staggering 400%. (

Intermittent fasting (especially OMAD, which stands for one meal a day) also increases the production of the fat burner hormone by several hundred percent. Among other things, vitamin K2 increases insulin sensitivity, which eventually quickens the already-mentioned processes. Vitamin D3, on the other hand, is necessary to maintain muscular energy levels and maintain immune function.

Thus, only the sky is the limit for those who become decisive about "self-improvement." By that, I mean "getting into shape and enhancing the mental faculties." This is a mere fraction of tricks you may utilize to improve your health and overall well-being. However, none of those tricks can benefit you if you keep following dreadful routines and practicing self-destructive habits, such as consuming sugar and refined carbohydrates. A healthy diet and physical & mental exercises are essential to maintaining health, beauty, and performance.

As years pass by, I'm becoming more aware of the ridiculousness behind the belief in the existence of important and unimportant decisions. Everything counts, and everything matters. "Self-improvement gurus" often use the cliche "embrace the best, reject the rest." I.e., perform a self-analysis and evaluate your weaknesses and strengths. Reject the shortcomings and go only after what you're good at. I say no. That's like saying: "my upper body is underdeveloped, but I can run, so I'll just keep running."

Self-evaluation is necessary, but not to discover what we should run away from. Contrary to that, we should undertake self-evaluation every twelve months to figure out what direction should attention and energy be channeled in the coming year.

For instance, scientists have proven that the auditory cortex of musicians is developed to a far greater degree in comparison to the auditory cortexes of people who are not involved with music. Start playing an instrument (i.e., invest effort into enhancing the auditory cortex), especially if you are one of those individuals who "don't have ears for music." That decision would skyrocket your overall mental faculties.

There are many more things I could share with you on this occasion. This topic is all-inclusive. A 500-page book would be a proper way to sum it up. Feel free to ask questions.

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As we sit here shivering
inside this ancient soviet apartment
with brand-new central heating that does not work.
We must be losing weight,
showering in our thermal underwear.
Wim Hof would be grinning almost as wide as our ancient russian landlady.

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