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Ukraine Report: 24th Of April, 2022

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Russia continues to pull tank attack groups to the Donbas. Those vehicles belong to the "O" group. Link:

I'm still not sure should they be called Russians, 'cause they're calling themselves USSR 2.0! The following photo has been taken in the city of Vasylivka:

A soldier of the "Russian" special unit:

Bolsheviks have finally gotten out of their closets. Here is a video from Berdyansk:

You get the point, right? I'd also like to briefly comment on their cybernetic forces, a.k.a. propagandists. For instance, Odesa downtown was hit by several Russian missiles (yesterday). 8 people lost their lives, including a three-month-old baby, Kira. On the following screenshot, you can see just how blatantly obvious their (Kremlin propagandists') lies are:

So, it's more than clear, that the residential building got hit by a missile, yet, he says "judging by the video, some oil depot is on fire again.". The Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation claims they actually destroyed the "ammo depot" to which western-made weapons have been stored. The truth? Their missiles hit one of the city's graveyards:

I won't go any further, 'cause debating their posts is a waste of time. Instead, let me briefly take you through information regarding the transfer and deliveries of weapons:

Belgium intends to supply Ukraine with M-109 self-propelled American-made howitzers, and ammunition for them.

Bulgaria decided not to deliver weapons!

Switzerland blocked German proposals to transfer Swiss-made ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles.

Germany: Rheinmetall asked the government for permission to supply Ukraine with a hundred Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

UK: plans to deliver their AS-90 self-propelled howitzers, and over 40 000 shells (155mm)

Italy: will most likely deliver their M-109 and German-made PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers. They will surely deliver anti-tank weapons and ammunition.

The USA: continued to fulfill its promises. Yesterday, 4 jumbo jets (Boeing 747s) landed in Poland and 2 C-17 Globemasters, all full of weapons.


Mariupol: our defenders are still holding their positions at Azovstal. Today, they shared 2 photos of what their Easter breakfast looked like:

This is what Azovstal looks like:

Arestovic (president's adviser) says our armed forces are still not ready to carry out a military operation in order to deblock Mariupol. Evacuation which was planned for the 23rd and 24th of April failed, due to the Russian artillery attacks on the corridors which were supposed to be used as evacuation routes. Still, some people were allowed to leave the city with their vehicles.

What do Mariupol's refugees think of Russians? Video:

Putin suggested Shoigu (Russian Minister of Defense) NOT to storm Azovstal, 'cause that would end up chaotically for Russians since there are several thousand Ukrainian defenders beneath the plant.


The benefits of crypto have been put to use on a national scale. Our government is nowadays accepting crypto payments. Why? Well, 'cause they save lives. Read this post:

Summarized: thanks to crypto donations, we've bought much-needed medical equipment!

Here is a link for crypto donations to the Ukrainian government:


During the past 24h, Ukrainian armed forces have liberated numerous settlements, including Bezruky, Slatino, Prudyanka in the Kharkiv region (see the map below):

, and 8 settlements in the Kherson region! In Donbas and Zaporizhzhia regions, our armed forces repelled all Russian attacks and destroyed many armored vehicles, including tanks, however, Russians continue to commit atrocities. Out of anger and despair, they're continually shelling residential buildings, and houses in the suburbs of the cities of Dnipropetrovsk, Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Kharkiv, etc.

Here is a video from Severodonetsk:

Dnipro region - Pavlovgrad: one ballistic missile hit the railway infrastructure. One 48yo man lost his life. 2 missiles hit the industrial sector. One building was destroyed.

Despite the war and danger, one-third of Ukrainians have already returned back to Ukraine! Read:

Mariupol (The Ghost Town):

Luhansk - Sergey Gaidai: during the past 24h, 6 civilians lost their lives. Two people got wounded. We've found two women under the rubbles in Popasna. They didn't make it...

Russians destroyed seven residential buildings and a police station.

The Big Business

The west continues to buy Russian oil, gas, and coal. Since the 24th of February, the EU paid over 40 billion Euros for Russian fossil fuels:

Russians have transported the Ukrainian grain from the occupied territories to Crimea. Farmers are being threatened with prison sentences. Are they preparing us for another Holodomor? 🤔

Human Rights Watch

The Russian army uses sexual violence as a weapon. So far, thousands of women and children have been molested.

Crimes will be continued if the West doesn't stop them:

They're promoting war crimes on a national TV channel "Russia 1". What do you think; how is it going to affect easily manipulated bloodthirsty hateful soldiers without a pinch of self-control?

Without dedicated support from the West, every city will be in ruins by the end of 2022. Yesterday, one journalist asked Zelensky; "Could Odesa become a new Mariupol?", Zelensky said, "Yes, they (Russians) have thousands of tanks and plan to reach Moldova".

Oh, yes, btw, the Russian Ministry of Defense publicly announced an invasion of Moldova: Russian General Announces Plan to Invade Moldova after Ukraine (

It is necessary to carry out a special operation until Russia reaches the western borders of Ukraine. Only then the goals stated by the Foreign Ministry will be achieved, - Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council on Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation.

My friends, fear not..; What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

The sky over Kharkiv, today (very symbolic cloud):

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Written by   143
2 months ago
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it is so sad to see this war happening. I wish the hands of time could revert to stop this from ever starting. but here we are with so many lives lost for no justifiable reasons. My prayers to to the families of those killed in the war. May they be comforted.

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2 months ago