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(Ukraine) - Mariupol: April 19th, 2022

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2 months ago

Mariupol is the heart of the war - Zelensky, yet, Mariupol (the heart) has been betrayed, there's no doubt about it. Mothers, wives, fiancées, and children of defenders of Mariupol are firmly convinced that the leadership has purposely sabotaged the defense and handed over the defenders of Mariupol into the hands of the Russian army.

Let me remind you of their message to the Ukrainian armed forces & Zelensky's office staff:

This is not a clash of nations, but a clash of civilizations and ideologies. Russians are trying to make it obvious, yet, for some reason, the western public keeps ignoring an obvious elephant in the room. Take a look at the flag they raised over conquered Ilych Iron & Steel Works in Mariupol:

Here is another example, from the occupied Kherson:

So, it can't be any clearer. They're communists, the so-called, national-bolsheviks, followers of the ideology of Alexander Dugin, who inherited and "modified" Stalin's plan of conquering Europe:

Alexander Dugin is Putin's ideologist.

Back to Mariupol: Russian attack on the Azovstal plant has begun this morning, as confirmed by Basurin, the representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk' People Republik.

Yesterday, Gonzo who is one of the Russian war correspondents reported they've actually already entered the Azovstal, however, that plant is immense, so, they'll need quite some time to "conquer" it:

That is not going to end up well, 'cause there are over a thousand civilians in bunkers of Azovstal. I don't want to sound like a defeatist, but in my opinion, their chances of survival are slim... next to none.

Brother Denis Prokopenko, the commander of the AZOV regiment sent a message to the world's leaders (the translation can be found in the description box). So far, nobody has indicated willingness to open the green corridor and evacuate civilians, and the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

The following video has been published by Mr. Pyotr Andryushchenko, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol. The occupiers are continually bombing and shelling, not only Azovstal but also the residential areas.

The words of a man who survived the Russian aggression:

You may wonder "Why don't they simply surrender?", 'cause this is how they'd end up:

Women wouldn't end up any better, neither, 'cause the Russian army is using sexual violence as a weapon:

Here is what the Russian soldiers are doing to women and children they capture (beware! The report is extremely disturbing! Do not read it if you're weakhearted):

The commander (Sergey Volina) of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Belinsky, sent a message to the Pope and the world. You can read it here:

Letter to Pope Francis asking to rescue people from Mariupol:

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Writing this type of article is somewhat time-consuming, which is why I'm rarely publishing daily reports.

A few photos from one of the Azovstal's bunkers:

If you know what to do, let me know. I've tried it all and given my best.

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Written by   143
2 months ago
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