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The Silent Pandemic

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2 months ago

Disclaimer: the purpose of this article is to inform the reader. I am not intending to ridicule anyone's physical/health condition.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is something important I want to talk about. That "thing" is your health. A while ago, it was stated that our nations will remain ill as long as the condition of every individual is not perfect in all three planes of existence (physical, mental and spiritual). One is tied to the other. We live under the law, which is a complete circle. Human mental health (mental plane of existence) suffers if we consume junk (physical plane of existence), and yet, properties of our spiritual being deteriorate (spiritual plane of existence) if mentally we are not as good and healthy as we could be (mental plane of existence), therefore, logically we can conclude that our diet affects all aspects of life.

There are solid reasons behind all the food laws we can find in the Bible. Nowadays, globalist propaganda is spreading like a wildfire. Why? Because the process of subversion is irreversible, as stated in the document "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars", and confirmed by KGB defector, Mr. Yuri Bezmenov. People will eat bugs if Gates tells them to do so, however, the agenda must be wrapped nicely, like candies. People are prone to crave something which on the surface looks nice. Most people are incapable of even considering something beyond the visual range. This leads me to Morpheus (Matrix), and a question: "What if I tell you...?"

Well, what if I tell you that sugar creates addiction, as easily as cocaine? In fact, according to some studies, it is easier to get addicted to sugar, than cocaine. Immediate consequences? Spike of insulin. Long-term consequences? Death of brain cells, shrinkage of the gray matter, insulin resistance, which is the first step towards having diabetes type II, high blood sugar, infertility, Alzheimer's, and many other "non-significant" diseases and conditions.

Have you ever wondered why nowadays the prevalence of obesity is higher than ever in the recorded history of our planet? Just look at the maps given by the Our World In Data and World Population Review. For instance, in 2019, almost 13% of deaths in the USA were caused by obesity (15% for Russian Federation, and a staggering, 21.17% for Saudi Arabia)


What share of adults is obese? You can find it here.

(USA 37.3%, Canada 31.3%, Russia 25.7%, Turkey 32.2%, Japan 4.4%)

High blood sugar, and obesity (those are consequences of insulin resistance, which is the condition caused by the consumption of a carbohydrate/sugar-rich diet), cause almost 12 million deaths per year, which is 12 times more than STDs do, and 10 times more than the consumption of unsafe water. Link:

Where is all that obesity coming from? The answer can be found in sugar, and the propaganda concerning "healthy diets". Everything is upside down! How many times have "doctors" and "scientists," told you to eat more fruits? Do you know the consequences of eating a lot of fruits? Here is one: fatty liver. If you don't believe me, read my article, in which I included many scientific proofs.

Article: Dangers of Fruit Consumption

If the government cared, sugar would have been banned a long time ago. The average IQ is decreasing, and even though not the only culprit, sugar is one of the main reasons we are witnessing that phenomenon... (Because the human mind is not supposed to be running on glucose).

Alright.., enough of my ranting. Let's get to the facts! First of all, how do people get obese? There is no science fiction behind the answer. The process is simple. Carbohydrates spike insulin. Insulin shuts down the fat-burning process. Instead of ketones, the body switches to using glucose and starts storing fat. Prolonged consumption of such a diet causes insulin resistance. Here is a clinical definition:

The list of adverse side effects of insulin resistance is longer than the Chinese wall. You can find them on the internet with ease, so, I won't include them in this article, however, I will share a few studies, which reveal just how alarming the situation is.

Researchers at the University of Alabama found out that 40 percent of young Americans have insulin resistance:

In other words, we can expect the rate of premature mortality to grow (sad but true). Are adult Americans healthier? Definitely not!

Has it ever been proven that insulin resistance is linked to mortality, or am I just spreading hysteria?

Is the pandemic actual thing, or a product of my imagination? In their own words:

"More attention should be paid to the prevention and control of the PANDEMIC (not the epidemic, as it is written), and for the reduction of the morbidity and mortality associated with metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance)..."

There is one more fascinating scientific work that I'd like to include in this article, titled "The Global Epidemic Of The Metabolic Syndrome (Insulin Resistance)".


That particular study is fascinating. Researchers concluded that the present trend is not sustainable, meaning, it will either be stopped or the population will be pushed into the abyss. They recommend physical activity and avoiding junk foods, whole grains, and of course, sugar (refined carbohydrates, in general). If you can't run, walk. Only 20 minutes of walking stimulates brain activities (that information is not included in the enlisted scientific study). Seed oils should also be avoided. They're cancerogenic. I'll dedicate another article to that particular topic.

The best doctor prevents illness, the average doctor visits when the illness is imminent, and the unskilled doctor treats your present illness, - Chinese proverb

I sincerely hope you learned something new and got inspired to make a lifelong change.

Have a great day!

Truly yours; Gemstone

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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The 32.2% rate in Turkey did not surprise me because fatty foods are very common in our food culture. We have a fondness for sugar because there are too many types of desserts.

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2 months ago