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Stunning Crypto "YouTube"

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7 months ago

A few years ago in the middle of YouTube's censorship "swing", I discovered a crypto version of "YouTube", named BitTube. Back then, the site was relatively slow and laggy. Many times my videos would upload, and process, but would never appear on my "portfolio". However, there were two great things about BitTube! IT WAS censorship-free, and users (both, publishers and viewers) were getting paid in TUBEs (BitTube's mineable crypto coins). Publishers were getting paid for the time viewers spent watching (actively and inactively) their videos, while viewers (even though significantly less) were getting paid for the time they spent surfing on BitTube in general.

BitTube is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer video platform, that also offers a browser and an application! Users are still being paid for the (active) time they spend online. Both, mobile and desktop apps are offering users to create links, and share them with friends, and followers, in order to receive TUBE rewards.

Sharing, donating, and transferring TUBE coins is now instant, and fee-free. Users can also buy TUBEs with fiat currencies or other crypto coins!
At the moment, applications are available for Chrome.

BitTube browser is add-free and works with DuckDuckGo by default.

I recommend the following BitTube channel for some awesome synthwave music:

BitTube application:

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Written by   55
7 months ago
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