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Simple Prosperity Practice That Works

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1 month ago

Have you been dealing with financial impoverishment? Have you tasted hunger? Did the feeling of powerlessness make you despair? Have you thought your way into believing that life is meaningless? Most people go through those phases. Even those "lucky" children of the financial elite sooner or later find themselves impoverished 'cause they haven't graduated and developed into people that can handle big money (so they're not lucky after all).

Despair has many faces, and it's probable that you're going to meet several of them throughout your life. At the moment, you might be physically strong and intellectually capable, so you might "defend yourself" against the troubles of this world, but in 2-3 decades when your body weakens, who knows what kind of trouble will be going after you, trying to bite you.

I got really lucky. Been praying for years to God to give me a single chance to defeat poverty. I was sick of it, quite frankly. Sick of food, sick of clothes, sick of all the dreams I had to postpone "till some better times". People, and especially parents were always telling me that's the way life is, but it was always obvious that they KNOW NOTHING, otherwise they'd be experiencing the opposite of poverty (emotional, financial, health poverty).

When you want to earn money, you don't ask your neighbor how to do it, unless he/she is earning sums you'd like to be earning. What's the point in asking your grandparents "how to earn millions" if they're barely surviving with hundreds of EURs monthly? If they knew, they'd probably be doing "it", right?

Well, one day I stumbled upon those boring YouTube commercials about "wanna earn passive income from home"... it made me so sick after the thousandth time I saw it, that I clicked on the ad, just to get rid of it. Needless to say, that's when I shut down Chrome, but a few moments later, the need for music returned. This time, prior to playing a song, I clicked on a video that appeared of a man "exposing" Napoleon Hill and his book "Think and grow rich". For those of you that don't know, Napoleon Hill was penalized by the US justice for money laundering, scams of many kinds, and died impoverished. His tricks forced him to change his name (Napoleon wasn't his real name).

Anyway, the man talking in that video was Matthew David Hurtado, who later became my mentor, we could say. He asked, "If thinking was the way to succeed, why has Napoleon died penniless and why so many remain broke?". Everyone thinks! The human brain shifts thoughts every 4 seconds on average. It's almost impossible to stop thinking! If you disbelieve me, try it out! Try to silence and stop your brain from thinking, talking, singing, or whatever!

Well, Matthew said thinking isn't the way to "go", and I decided to try his method, 'cause mine was obviously not working. I decided to listen to his every advice and take it seriously.

The first thing he shifted in my mind was the perception, the understanding of what's "real". What's real? Poverty? Who says poverty is real? Our minds? The same minds that make us believe our fears are real? Those "creatures"? That's not proof that poverty exists. Then, it must be our eyesight, right? But eyesight is just one of the physical senses is a part of that same lying mind. That's why we've been told by the Bible to walk by faith, not by sight.

"Never mind your lying eyes!" Matthew David Hurtado

So, here is his solution for a mind that needs some repairs in consciousness. Every time a picture of poverty strikes you, what you do is pause and reply "It's not it". In fact, here is how I'm doing if, word by word:

"No, It's not it. Poverty isn't real. Poverty is a lie, it's a deception, it's a farce. Poverty doesn't exist in the mind of God. God has never created an ounce of error, therefore, poverty can't exist. The poverty is an illusion.".

The first few times when you say that, the mind will reply with "you fool, don't you SEE?", but you must ignore it and keep programming. Keep repeating the TRUTH! Finances aren't the measure of riches. Food is not the measure of riches! Clothes aren't the measure of fortune! As spiritual creatures, our riches are within! Periodt! They can't be taken away by others! The only way to lose them is to give them away, voluntarily!

So, the next thing you do (after you repeated the truth many times) is ask yourself:

"Could I allow for just this moment things to be exactly as they are?". Both answers (yes and no) are correct! Ask yourself that question many times, until you feel a sense of easiness around your heart! When you feel the pressure has let go of you, proceed to the 3rd and final step: change the state of being by shifting your thoughts into the person that always is the person you'd like to become, and has everything you'd like to acquire.

In my case, it was financial freedom. After years of "mental detoxification," I succeeded. No longer can be said for me that I'm poor, even if you decide to measure my fortune via finances. The most precious possession is within, though, that's where everything is coming from.

There are things you should include in your schedule if you want to reach high levels of success:

  • tithe (gifting), you may gift away time, money, and talents.

  • focus (broken focus is the only way to fail! You have to protect your laser-like focus)

  • consistency (protocol outruns the genius every time)

If you do that, nothing in this world will be able to hold you captive.

"Tell them I'm coming out, head first!" TD Jakes

Here is a brilliant speech by bishop TD Jakes that will remind you of the power you have within:

Here is another great speech by Jakes:

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Written by   101
1 month ago
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I like to donate my time, I teach children who like to sing and play without compensation. I also enjoy when I give someone money, a gift 😊

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1 month ago

I teach children who like to sing and play without compensation

That is so lovely! If I'm not mistaken, you told me you're a jazz player! They're probably the best and most educated musicians. There is one jazz academy near my city, those people can play like maniacs 😁 God will surely reward you for the tithe you're giving by educating children.

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1 month ago

Yes, I love jazz music. We teach everything that children are interested in. I hope for the good, I do well 😊

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1 month ago