Life Lessons By Reinhard Stanjek

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What you seek is seeking you! - Rumi

Seeking is a never-ending process. We were born to seek and destined to discover. Every so often, I meet somebody or stumble upon somebody on the internet, whose words and beliefs resonate with my spirit. Sir Reinhard Stanjek is one of them. I wouldn't know to answer the question "How did you find his YouTube channel?". My answer would most likely be "it was a coincidence!", even though I know there are no coincidences in this world. Nothing just happens. - Bishop TD Jakes

When my grandpa, Peter, passed away in 2004., a big part of me went dim. All of the sudden, I had no one to play chess with. Taking care of tulips, and grandma's garden used to be joyful, but that has been changed, into a reflection of the past, that will never be experienced again. Reinhard brought a piece of that feeling and picture back to me. In many aspects, he reminds me of Peter. Needless to say, a decision was made to watch all of his videos, and write down inspiring statements, or life lessons. It's important to be choosy when it comes to people we allow to teach us. After all, the mind is the battleground. If you get programmed by "be-nothing, do-nothing" individuals, that's exactly what you'll become: a worthless & discouraged bum.

Reinhard would agree with what I said. The only time we have is now. What has passed can't be brought back to life. What's coming is up to God. We might give our best to change or prevent it, but Life has its own mysterious ways of teaching us lessons. Therefore, take no one and nothing for granted! Appreciate the NOW-moment, and realize there are no cosmic accidents. In the end, you'll understand why a particularly painful experience (lesson) had to take place in your Earthly life. The end of the journey is not the goal! What is important is the journey itself. Slavic people often say "don't make an elephant out of a fly!", or in Reinhard's words: don't make a big deal out of mistakes, nor be too hard on yourself.

Life will always provide what we need, and sometimes what we want, so be careful what you're asking for, 'cause you might get it. Thoughts are things, which is one of the reasons why you should kick the TV out, otherwise, your mind will be fed with fear-pornographic fake news 24/7! We have the power to reject negative thoughts, though. Detrimental thoughts lead to detrimental results! - Reinhard Stanjek

If you begin considering the source of your emotions, very often, you'll find the TV at the core of them! Try living without the TV for a month! You'll be amazed by how much better you'll feel and operate on a daily basis. That is what destiny is made of! At every given moment in your life, you're the sum total of choices you've made! If you're poor, change the way you think! - Reinhard Stanjek

Happiness consists of small things, like peace, compassion, love, and purpose. Everyone has a purpose. Sometimes, a destiny of a criminal is to inspire a young mind, to make a decision and devote his/her life to being the best detective, for instance. A corrupt politician might make a kid want to be the most righteous leader of all time. Life is too big to be comprehended by our little minds. In any case, remain patient, and avoid being critical. If, however, you find yourself being criticized, don't take it personally or get emotionally involved. Forgive, and move on! Remember, nothing just happens! Life is synchronous! Let it flow.

Love begins with loving yourself, not in a selfish way, though. Discover your true identity (spiritual divinity), and start from there. That will make you love other people, too! When a heartbreaking experience occurs, see yourself as a student of Life, not a victim! That's something I can suggest from my personal experience.

To do and become more, first, we have to get to know ourselves a little better! Spend some time alone, get out of the mould, and pick your battles. Decide to go after what you really want. You don't need to play a role in a crazy & materialistic world, which is made of artificial happiness. Without balance, life ceases to exist. When you get to know yourself, you'll stop caring what other people think of you. Instead, you'll be centered, and a role model, a lighthouse for other lost souls. Life is a school of hard knocks. During storms, remember, there are people counting on with their lives to see your light, to find their harbor. Never give up on God and yourself! If you do, you'll be lost. (where the spirit of God is, there is liberty! - Bible)

Being angry is human, but we should intend to discover the source. Try not to blame other people! It's really not their fault. They're tools in hands of the Universe (God). Accept a challenge, and learn something new.

Your health is your responsibility. If you can't pronounce the name, don't eat it! Exercise, and eat healthily. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I'm not sure about that, but my grandma would definitely agree. Reinhard claims the gut is the second brain, that's ignored by almost everybody. If I'm not mistaken, Sir Christian Larson made the same claim in his book "Your Forces And How To Use Them".

When a challenge meets you, meet it with gratitude and patience. If you have no solution, but the problem aside, until the inspiration comes. You're not meant to solve the problem but be used by Universe as a problem-solving tool. The answer will come in the right hour.

Truth makes you invincible, for it is a lion that doesn't need to be defended. It defends itself! (Truth fears no investigation - General George Smith Patton)

War is hell for everyone. In reality, there are no victors except bankers. However, nobody is guiltless! Forces you don't want to deal with get invited by fear! (For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come unto me. - Job 3:25)

Reverend Ike's colleague whose name I forgot made a claim that fear is a prayer to the Devil. Think about it!

You're powerful beyond measure, but most of us got enchained by a brainwashing system, that told us we are but dust in the wind. Find the right inspiration, to supercharge your creativity, and a role model, to expose your ability. Reinhard found inspiration in the works of Sir Nikola Tesla. Indeed, Tesla is a proper role model to be followed! We shall listen to our artistic intuition. If you feel as something is for you, go get it! Simple as! The soul can't be fooled! Aim for effectiveness, but don't try to be perfect, 'cause only God is. What you need to know is that everything is within your reach! Whatever you set your mind to can be yours, including divine love! What you have is enough to start the journey! Become a model to encourage others, especially children.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them! - Matthew 11:24

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. - 2 Timothy 1:7

I can't resist but to think of a song by Louis Armstrong "What a wonderful world", whenever I meet or discover someone as marvelous as Sir Stanjek. Immensely powerful souls sweep away all the negativity of daily trivia, with ease and joy. My heart is convinced that our world has been made richer and more beautiful thanks to Reinhard. He inspired me to start a project eco-HIVE, which I'll develop and elaborate on very soon. I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this article. To watch his videos, visit his YouTube channel Ascension Tools

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