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Ionosphere Heaters (HAARP Stations)

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Beloved subscribers, sympathizers, supporters, and contrarians, the following material might be found disturbing by many! You've been warned!

Most technological breakthroughs are of a noble origin. Wright Brothers wanted to fly, Graham Bell wanted to communicate with far-away friends, while Nikola Tesla wanted to transmit electrical energy from one part of the world to another, the polar opposite, fastly and freely.

Sadly, all mentioned inventions found their most widespread use in hands of ill-minded people. These days, they predominantly serve as weapons of mass destruction. Aircraft serve as reliable bomb delivery systems, phones are causing direct harm to the human DNA, and brains (especially since 5G systems were introduced) while Nikola Tesla's energy-towers got transformed into the ionosphere heaters (after his death in 1943, when the entire technology including all blueprints got stolen), also known as HAARP stations that may be used to cause whole lotta problems, from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to destructive storms and even tsunami hits.

In this article, I will not get into explaining how they may cause things I mentioned, but will show you examples of how to recognize HAARP stations that are active, and where to find the most powerful ones!

Let's start with the "cloud phenomena". Whenever you see weird-looking clouds and shapes in the sky, the least likely explanation is "God". The most likely reason behind the phenomena is the actions of the ionospheric heaters that transmit energy from the ground level into the ionosphere which is the highest layer of Earth's atmosphere. While doing that (shifting anions and cations) they change the atmospheric pressure, which results in clouds shifting shapes, etc. Here are some examples:

To speed up the process, "they" use chemtrails, which are basically a bunch of different poled metal trails, each radiating different IONs and vibrating (living) on different frequencies. Here is an example of what they look like:

Recently, there is a shift in consciousness occurring worldwide. Even though designed to serve as a weapon, the internet has found its positive use. Information is reaching the eyes and minds of curious people that sense there is something oddly wrong going on. That's why "they" must be fast at camouflaging and removing from sight what is obvious. For example, a well-known Google Maps has blurred and/or removed HAARP stations. I'll give you the Republic of Croatia as an example! Here are two photos of the same location:


"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves" - Secretary of US Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997

Do you recall all those "equality" protests? All of them were staged, well planned, funded, and carefully carried out by secret services that want to distract people! Focus is the guarantor of success. If they break the focus of the population, they can manipulate us into whatever they think of. While our youth is thinking about equality, open borders, and similar topics, "they" are working on the worldwide activation of the destructive technology that has the potential to reshape the face of our planet.

At this moment, all of my claims might seem futuristic to some readers. For a minute, let's go (mentally) back in time. 150 years to be precise! Find someone in England, France, or Germany and tell that person "in 2021, the entire world will use electrical monitors that will enable everyone to talk in real-time with individuals from another part of the world". Whoever would receive that message would most likely reject it under the presumption that you're either drugged out or downright crazy, but regardless of that, it's true, isn't it?

I'm honestly pessimistic when it comes to saving the world, 'cause there are 8 billion people of which most are too old to comprehend technology, while many are too young to play an important role, while the third group is busy taking care of "equality", so a handful of people remains that have the intellectual capacity to do something. Not enough, at least in my opinion.

By pressing the following link you can find locations of the most well-known HAARP stations:

There are still some Soviet-era "Radars" that are active and actually serving as ionosphere heaters. Very interesting but not surprising.

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