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Freewrite: The Importance Of Rest & Recovery

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1 month ago

You'd be surprised to know that without a proper rest & recovery muscles are not going to grow and develop as fast as WITH enough resting time. When I started exercising, the first few months were joyful. I couldn't imagine a day without at least a few hundred pushups and situps. My energy storage was otherworldly and inexhaustible, but my muscle mass was going nowhere! Then, it was the time to harvest my uncle's vineyard, for which I needed to take a few days off. When I came back home, I realized my muscles grew while I've been resting, which shocked me, 'cause I thought the more you exercise, the more you grow!

I left a possibility of being mistaken on my mind, and partially forgotten about it, until the period of extreme laziness and spiritual tiredness prevented me from getting up in the morning and starting my workout routine. After a week of scrolling YouTube, reading unimportant books, and playing instruments, I noticed my chest and arms were bigger. In fact, everyone began telling me my shoulders look like I've been swimming every day (swimming is one of the greatest arm & shoulder-building disciplines). Well, I took a look in the mirror and noticed that not only my muscles grew but I also lost fat. Why is that? The answer can be found in CORTISOL.

That's why most fitness coaches that are educated regarding the importance of insulin and the right diets suggest we shall be training HIITS (high-intensity interval training). HIIT spikes both, testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone). Both are fat burners and muscle developers, however, once you overtrain, insulin spikes due to cortisol, and the body stops burning fat! Testosterone levels drop and the body enters survival mode. Things can get even worse if levels of nitric oxide are low. You might feel nausea or even vomit.

Aside from suffering HGH and testosterone, you might well end up being depressed. Over exhaustion leaves a psychological mark, which can be removed only by a proper rest! Possible cardiovascular issues shouldn't be ignored, either! It is not healthy for the heart to beat well over 130, long-term.

Yesterday, I finished my 10-day BLITZ program that will be published on Read.Cash very soon! Hopefully, many readers will join, and we will be working together, as a team. Pushing yourself for 10 days, then taking a 2 days rest is fine, even though most people that are out of shape won't be able to handle it, physically nor mentally. Discipline is the most important factor, by far, so if you'd like to join me and exercise like a pro athlete, establish a proper mindset, so that when the BLITZ comes, you're ready!

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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