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Freewrite: Following The Joy & Surviving The Terror Barrier

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Written by Β Β 75
3 months ago

People often envision themselves having the so-called problems, or experiencing living hell, yet, when their visions come true, seldom do they understand how those fears were given life, and by whom. All thoughts and ideas are psychic entities. Unlike us, they do not live in the physical plane of existence, unless when realized by beings that have a physical experience. Those beings are humans and animals. So, fears do have an identity, but they "live in another dimension". By fearing fears, we invite them to join our experience. Rarely do they refuse to respond?

"For the thing I feared has overtaken me, and what I dreaded has befallen me." Job 3:25

The modern version would most probably sound like "I knew that would happen!"

The area I live in was always considered to be safe, with close to zero seismic activity, but somewhere along the line in 2018, I began envisioning earthquakes struck my area. I had no doubt that they will come, I just didn't know when. Then, one morning in April 2019, we've been awakened by a "Biggie", it was a powerful earthquake. On the Richter scale, it was 6.3.

I will never forget that morning. Dishes were falling, walls were swinging, windows started cracking, my cat was flying to safety, and I still had no idea if my house is going down or not. It was the greatest fear I've ever experienced. The sound of an earthquake leaves behind a psychological mark. I bet most survivors have some kind of PTSD. It was scary as hell, literally. That doesn't make me clairvoyant, though, 'cause whatever we think of backed with feelings for long enough will find its equivalent physical expression. I am not saying my fearful imagination was the cause of that earthquake, but it did play a role in where I'll be at what time. There are no coincidences in our world. Nothing just happens. I was led to the right point, to be at the right time, in order to reap what I have sown.

Fortunately, I love to listen to Matthew David Hurtado, who is a very spiritually oriented man with a brilliant mind. He said that warfare ALWAYS lingers around the birth of a miracle. According to Bible, all battles have only one goal, one purpose: to take control over our minds. You see.., the scary experience I had could have been remembered as a scary experience, and nothing else, but was actually the proof that the so-called "mind science" works. In fact, it is not optional. It works for you, just as for me and everyone else. The "terror barrier" is the term used by Bob Proctor and M.D. Hurtado. It is the mind's last option to stop our advances before IT gets dethroned. Why dethroned? Because most people are ruled over by their minds. It should be the opposite. We should rule our minds, and use them intelligently, creatively, for good purposes only.

Here comes the part that shifted my life from gray to colorful and joyful: God is a Spirit, according to John 4:24. The Bible also says we've been made in the image and likeness of God. "Likeness" means the same qualities, attributes. If God is a Spirit, and we've been made in His own likeness and image, then we are spirits too. Nehemiah 8:10 says "The JOY of the Lord is our strength"! What if the "strength" is not thought of as physical power, but the source of success, ascension, enlightenment, even physical successes as riches? Think of something (positive and righteous) that gives birth to the joy within your being. Could you spend a week or two following that compass? For two years, I've been investing into my body, and mind, until the point where I felt no more passionate about it. I didn't care whether or not my body is going to be fit or not 'cause there was no joy in what I've been doing.

Some time ago, I decided to try out Hurtado's advice: follow the joy and see where that is going to take you. I wanted to buy gym equipment for two years, but it is quite expensive, so I've always been saying to myself "No, it's not the time for that", even though my being would feel joyful whenever I thought of using those dumbells, bicycles, etc. Then, a few days ago, I said to myself "okay, let's see whether or not Hurtado has the point", so I ordered it... Within 2 hours after I placed an order, I earned more money than the sum I invested into that equipment. Yesterday It came, and I tried it out, been enjoying working out all day long, even though previously I couldn't find the motivation to make a few situps. So far, so good. The terror barrier will come again when I approach the next level but this time I know it is the fight between me, and me. There is really nobody holding us back from doing and achieving anything. The hardest thing is not to remain steadfast but focused. People often get tired and turn from the road that was leading them towards the achievement of their dreams. I said focus can be seen as a magnifier and our mental energy as sunbeams. When we disperse sunbeams, nothing happens, but when we focus them to a single point at a time, we can set anything in ablaze. Another important thing is to practice the state of being by envisioning ourselves being, doing, experiencing, and having all goods that we desire. Once you can actually back those visions by feelings, that's it, you're guaranteed to succeed.

Here is one TD Jakes video that I love to listen to. He said, "Your greatest miracle will always be in your scary place.", which is true! Link:

Have a great day! Good luck conquering yesterday's version of yourself. Cheers! 😊

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Written by Β Β 75
3 months ago
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I wish more people knew and applied this in their lives. We manifest every moment with our thoughts and feelings, yet most blame other people and circumstances for what happens FOR us. I get reminded of it every time a truck parks outside my house in a way that is difficult for me to get into my drive. At first I get agitated, then I ask myself who or what am I trying to blame for what? Because it’s not other people blocking my freedom, but some outdated beliefs I still hold.

Only yesterday I let myself drift away in a dream of something what could happen and promptly the exact situation happened within an hour. I know it works, I know why, yet I get blown away by the power of my mind every time it happens πŸ’™

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3 months ago

Most of our thinking is chaotic, and yet many people wonder where did all the hell come from.. 😏 we "manifested" it. However, some people refuse to accept that as a part of reality. They'd rather be blaming some angry God or the Devil for their own experiences. I think we are entering the era of mental and spiritual ascension. Many people will become aware of their mental power and importance, very soon.

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3 months ago