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Freewrite: Consistency, The Backbone Of Every Success

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Every step of the way from cradle to grave is filled with hooks, traps and baits. Whenever you fall for one, someone scores a profit. If our naivety guaranteed someone's profit, yet, the fulfilment of sellers' promises, everyone would be voluntarily biting every bait that exists, however, most often, what our naivety results in are "cats in the sack". The personal-development industry is not an exception. It's a multi-billion dollar industry, led by close friends and relatives of bankers, so, they know how the game works. They know that less than 1% of the population possesses more than 98% of the global finances. In other words, they know everyone who is successful and can act confidently while talking about global poverty ('cause they're among those that created it).

These days, everything is for sale, sanity and bodies included. In fact, on the deep web, you can literally find assassins, posting their ads, which means even lives are for sale. Do you know what else is for sale? Our trust...

For some reason, unknown to me, most people trust unquestionably and stop only if and when they realize, that the deal is fake. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't we seek proofs that the seller is saying the truth before we buy his/her product? Imagine coming to a grocery store that has no visible products, yet, asks you to leave your cash.

Sir Dan Pena is a wealthy man with great connections. He knows most of the self-development "gurus", personally, and said one interesting story of how the "self-development" industry was born. There were two men, Napoleon Hill, and his customer. Napoleon Hill was the seller of ideas. The buyer said he needs "something" that can't be measured. Well, how can you measure self-development? Do you understand what does it mean? It's a never-ending story, a never-ending product, a never-ending stream of cash that's being earned by selling the same old stories, over and over again! The worst of all is that most of those stories do not help anybody. Take Bob Proctor, as an example... I love to listen to that old man. His book "you were born rich" really helped me during times I was spiritually undeveloped and mentally insecure. I was still doubting myself and my potentials, however, as time went by, I realized that every single video of Bob Proctor is made of repetitions! He always brags about the book (Think and Grow Rich) that he received in 1962 (If I'm not mistaken), about Napoleon Hill and his interview with Andrew Cargenie, then his own uselessness prior to reading the book and poverty he was stricken with. His entire company is made of those claims! A multi-billion dollar company that operates worldwide, established on repetition of stories that might not be true.

They're all selling "the secret of success", and many people are falling for it, while in their hearts, they know, there is only one way: consistent work.

It's true that hard work is not the best nor the good way to earn money, otherwise digging ditches would be a highway to a billionaire lifestyle... I am not suggesting nor preaching slavery! I'm preaching protocol.

As a person that is somewhat close to the perfection of guitar playing techniques, I assure you, there was only one thing that made me the player I am today: consistency. Talent? Gimme a break!

Yes, I am talented, I do have an absolute hearing, probably because a lot of my ancestors were influential musicians, but talent is not the guarantor of success. The next time you think of someone as "talented", decide to outwork that person! Think of Bob Proctor! Even the vocal donuts can make you a millionaire if you remain consistent.

I'll tell you one story, which is quite funny but true. As a child, I got brainwashed by my father. He was CONSISTENTLY repeating that without school, you're nobody. Without all straight As (5s), you'll become a person of no value, a bum, without the future. I got so terrified by his claims and started avoiding school every time I was not fully prepared for exams. After a while, I became such a great actor that could easily pretend to be sick, and stay at home for 2 weeks. That's something I am actually NOT proud of, 'cause honesty should be a part of our modus operandi, however, that was my self-defense mechanism at work.

Still, today, when I tell them (parents) that I was asking, they say "no way, that wasn't acting". In fact, once, I ended up on EKG, 'cause they thought I was dying. I even managed to fool doctors once and convince them I can't walk. They gave me "gypsum", just to leave them alone. I stayed at home for a month, enjoyed Gran Turismo and PlayStation. Do you see how far consistency can take you?

There are no secrets to success. There are no shortcuts, nor easy ways out. If you observe the history of European nations, you'll see most of them survived against all ods just because they've been consistent. Look at Croatia! One small Croatia had approximately one million citizens when they got attacked by the global superpower (the Ottoman Empire). After 400 years of consistency, the war ended, Croatia has won and has never been occupied. Later, the Vatican has named them "Antemurale Christianity", due to the price they paid for the sake of Christianity.

Look at Poland... it got crushed, but the spirit of those people made them rise up, once again. There wasn't a single house left standing after WW2. Today, it's one of the most beautiful European countries in terms of architecture!

Look at Germany... it also got crushed! If you don't believe me, check out aerial videos from 1945. Some cities like Dresden were firebombed several days in a row, nonstop. However, today, it's renovated, advanced, and beautiful. Why if not due to the consistency of Germans.

The opposite of consistency may be (I might be wrong, though) defeat. Once you stop, you stop... When the only guarantor of success becomes deceased, so do all hopes, faiths, and possibilities.

I know it's hard and annoying. Sometimes, it's boring, but it's also worth it. Do the thing you know it shall be done! That will become your legacy!

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Written by   101
1 month ago
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