Discouragements, Matrix, And The Worth Of Persistence

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So, you woke up, feeling uninspired, discouraged, and somewhy sad. Your mind is going around, searching and looking for a culprit, that's nowhere to be found. You hear voices, telling you it's too late now.., "You've wasted your life. You're too old. You're too skinny. You're too short. You lack education. You lack beauty. You lack finances!" The heaviness of fear, worry, and discouragement are coming upon you. You feel eaten up, entirely consumed. "NO! This can't be real!", you think to yourself, and decide to watch the TV to switch your thought pattern. What do you see? Matrix.., a pestilence of chaos, poverty in all spheres of life. You feel wounded, almost like there is a legion of demons coming after you. You're the Chosen One, to be defeated, right here, right now. You start to panic, and all of a sudden words of people you knew 20 years ago come back to life. "Look at you! You're nothing! You're unworthy! If God loved you, you wouldn't be going through this hell right now!". Dark forces are taking over your mind, and you start feeling possessed. "Maybe it's true!? Maybe I'm unworthy!" is the last thought you've had prior to reaching for a bottle of your long-forgotten "friend" (alcohol) that betrayed you so many times and made you look like a bum in front of everybody. Game over. Mission accomplished. You've successfully given up on yourself, 'cause, "it was hard, and if God loved me, I'd have all the desires of my heart, I'd be pretty, rich, famous and everyone would love me!". If God wanted you to brush your teeth, He'd brush them for you, too. If He wanted you to wear clothes, you wouldn't be born naked.., through means of metaphor, I've explained what "I quit!", actually means: I'm about to stop fighting for good, and I'll surrender to all of my weaknesses! That's quitting.

A feeling of discouragement may be reasonable. For instance, it's quite discouraging to work hard, then read the news about the lady that sold her intestinal gases for 200 000 $. Even Jesus got discouraged, and asked, "Father, why have you forsaken me?". A modern, artificial "grind" society may ridicule you if you feel down, in any way, but the reality is that everyone has such days. The greatest warriors have been shaped by fear and sadness. Swords can't be made without high temperature, nor can any flour be turned to cake without the "fire". Painful experiences spread our wings IF we don't decide to stop fighting for good. Could that be a part of natural selection? Certainly! I guess greatness demands qualification, rightfully so. A noticeable part thereof is played by imagination. Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18), but the enemy made us misuse sacred gifts, including imagination. Nowadays, our minds are adulterated, chaotic. If seemingly nothing bad is happening, people pause to search for something wrong. "This looks too good, so, it can't be real!", yet, we forget that the Lord has never created an ounce of error. Whoever searches and wants one, shall get one (Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24), but in general, errors are unnatural. Poverty is unnatural! UNgodliness is unnatural. God created perfection and perfection alone. Our system is based on erroneous thinking. We are controlled by carnal-mindedness, and physical senses, out of which stems the reflection of lack. That's what being enslaved by Matrix (mental program) is like. Imagination determines the attitude, yet, our future is in our present attitude (Rev. Ike). Are news reports actually meant to inform you? Cmon, get real... THEY LIVE.

Break the circuit, by switching your focus. The only thing that will make it possible for you to fail in life is a broken focus. Focus on WHERE you're going to, instead of WHAT you're going through. If you don't do that, you'll be slowed down and possibly even stopped by temporary prisms, illusions. What corn is to carps, protests are to our eyes. Those are baits, meant to trigger your anger, and continue fueling a multi-billion dollar Beast. At this point, there's something wrong with you if you don't feel anger towards politicians and injustice. The rulers want to take those seeds of anger, and enhance them, by the continuous bombardment of our minds with discouraging news, and standards. Just think of how many men are on the brink of suicide, 'cause according to "beauty standards" they're not good enough. Just think of how many women are secretly desperate, for the very same reasons. Unfortunately, most people never begin to live. They don't feel like leaving the safe place, 'cause the Matrix may ridicule their insufficiencies. Those that OWN politicians WANT YOU to react angrily to news about "mandatory vaccinations", etc. That's the only purpose of such "news". Trigger you, and see how far they can go without the civil wars getting started. They're checking us like frogs in boiling water. No, I'm not suggesting submissiveness, but by focusing our minds on chaos, we become reflections thereof. It's a form of addiction. It's unnatural for 20 years old ladies to comment on politics. It's unnatural for 20 years old boys to think of war in seemingly "peaceful" times. They got you addicted to cortisol and chaos.

Joy & Psychological Warfare

Well-being is like a house. There are certain elements that need to be fit in, otherwise, you'll end up having a mud house, that's gonna be washed away by rain. Instead of having the beaver-style "penthouse", create a castle high on the rock, where it's unreachable for the raging waters. If the society is low, start making a way for young generations by aiming for the stars. Certain factors need to be put under special attention! Those are relationships, teachings, and words/thoughts. Relationships will either fuel your dreams or your doubts. They'll either energize you or drain you. Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm (Proverbs 13:20). The media and Pharaohs turned our people into energy vampires, by making them so discouraged, that a few minutes in their presence may make you feel like a battalion of tanks ran over you. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23). To achieve something uncommon, you must become uncommon and do the uncommon. Think uncommon thoughts, and establish uncommon beliefs. Avoid pessimists and realists, people that are bounded by physical senses and their lying eyes. If you fail, it will be because you've let the wrong people come too close (M. Murdock).

False teachings are ever-present and interconnected with false beliefs & words. In fact, I think that combination is the greatest weapon any tyrant could ever have. False teachings which establish false beliefs, based on false evidence are powerful enough to subdue millions of people, and persuade them into committing crimes against humanity. Just think of the Soviet Union and the way Kulaks (farmers & agriculturalists) were treated by their own people. What preceded such events if not labeling them as enemies of the state by false teachers. False teachings are nowadays called "Brainwashing". Whenever someone starts talking about MK Ultra, an average person thinks of the CIA, Operation Paperclip, and German-Yiddish rocket scientists that were brought into the USA. Little do they know that MK Ultra was actually started in Moscow, by Leninists. In fact, the idea of public schooling is a form of brainwashing, and as such, is emphasized by the Communist manifesto. The power of ideological subversion has reached its peak:

The basic purpose of subversion is to alter the perception of reality of your enemy to such an extent, that he does not perceive you as an enemy. Demoralization is achieved through the education of entire generations. Psychological warfare changes the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the ABUNDANCE OF INFORMATION, no one is able to come to a sensible conclusion. - Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector

How many times have you caught yourself thinking "God, why is this happening? How is all of this possible?", the happenings are planned, orchestrated, and guided. Pharaohs are shepherds of the global society. There's some good news, too! I have made you God to Pharaoh, says the Lord in Exodus 7:1. Once you liberate your mind, it's game over for the rulers. That's exactly what happened to Neo in Matrix, right? He started perceiving the world as it is, instead of as the program makes it appear. Mind is the battleground. It's so important, Pharaohs are investing billions of dollars annually to keep you in a trance, altered state of reality. Information is crucial and will outclass the most prominent and potent physical weaponry every time. The matrix needs you to despair, 'cause the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). The culprit behind all types of error is not the lack of general knowledge, but false information, accepted as factual. The poisoning process is accomplished by adulteration of the mind through means of communication.

The past experience must not hold you captive. Compare yourself with a balloon that's held underwater. Once you get rid of traumatic memories and false beliefs, you'll reach the surface with ease, and the speed of thought (which is faster than light). It doesn't matter what the news reports say, nor what do people think. Neo wouldn't have been the Chosen One if he paid attention to what the manipulated think and/or say. We may be compared with guided missiles. A guided missile knows its target (you must know what you want). They change the direction every few milliseconds when the computer accomplishes calculations and realized "okay, if I continue flying this way at this speed I'll end up 2 meters right of the target, so, this and that has to be changed". You're that missile, your mind is the computer. Stop seeing past mistakes as life-ending errors! They're your guidelines without which your GPS wouldn't work properly.

The test of life is inevitable, and will surely push you to the limits in order to break you. "Let me see what you've got!" God, probably. There's a quote by Boston George, from the movie "Blow" (with Johnny Depp): "Sometimes you flush, sometimes you bust. This is the way it goes. When you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down you never think you gonna be up again". Limits are self-imposed.., they're not real, and even if they were, the only way to raise them is by continuously pushing ourselves beyond the boundaries of what's possible. Never despair, and never give up! Be bold.., courageous, and remember: we suffer more often in imagination than in reality (Seneca).

The First Time

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. (glorious Seneca, again). Bob Proctor said saying "no" to what you know you're supposed to do is challenging, but only the first time. The second time is much easier, and the third time will almost feel natural. Smokers that tried to quit can relate to that. The first day without a cigarette is allegedly the hardest (I was told that by my professor a long long time ago). However, deciding not to exercise today, will lead to some more laziness tomorrow. Every decision matters! Decisions build habits, habits build destiny!

Self-doubt comes from the conscious rejection of our duties. Every time you say "yes" to cigarettes and "no" to the gym, your self-appreciation decreases. Little by little, you end up being a discouraged, lazy person addicted to narcotics. In fact, some folks have so little self-esteem that they trust unknown YouTube self-improvement gurus more than themselves. Keep in mind the Bible includes lack of discipline, courage, and laziness in the list of sins. Taking a day off is a wise choice, 'cause physical burnouts will slow your progress, but there are people, especially among youngsters whose physique has deteriorated so much, that their ankles hurt them after 20 minutes of walking (yes, I personally know such people). Deep within your heart, you know what shall be done. DO IT, JUST DO IT, don't even think about anything else. Greatness is within your reach but you have to earn it. God will not cast pearls before the habits of a lazy bum.

The Worth Of Persistence

Blood is thicker than water! The proof that you're a winner can be found in your breath. Your bloodline has survived for thousands of years. The same courage that powered your ancestors is flowing through your veins. There's a warrior deep within you, waiting to be re-discovered, and re-membered (re-joined). The Matrix made you think you're nothing but a weak cosmic accident. Take my advice, and awaken your true identity. It ain't over until it's over! Regardless of how dark your present may seem to be, the war for your soul will rage on, until you win the final battle or decide to give up. "What is my reward for suffering?", life! Life for you and your family, your folk, and your nation. History is full of evidences that persistence pays off. It's not included in the list of the fruits of the Spirit, nevertheless, it's a key that opens most doors. The Bible emphasizes God's love for overcomers:

To join the spiritual elite, and be seated with God, one must overcome the world by overcoming him/herself. There are no shortcuts. He who hasn't conquered himself can offer only slavery to others.

Thank you for reading!

Very truly yours; Gemstone

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This is a very, very good article. I don't share your religious belief, but almost all your conclusions. It's well written too. There are several sentences worthy of being preserved as quotes, such as "The culprit behind all types of error is not the lack of general knowledge, but false information, accepted as factual." Clear ideas,clearly phrased. One of your best articles so far.

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1 year ago

Dear doctor, I'll memorize your comment, it greatly encouraged and inspired my heart! Thank you for your support and wisdom! 🤗

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1 year ago

I've always astonished with your though gemstone cause there is some profound meaning you are trying to bestow. Those psychological warfare make triggers on every life of people cause there might be unsettled issues that must be address immediately.

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1 year ago

Wow! Thank you, dear Jopix, you're making me feel blessed all the time! 🤗😀

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1 year ago