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Christian Metaphysics: Know Thyself - Your True Identity Is Divine

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6 months ago

Consciousness is the only thing that is anything, becomes anything, does anything, or has anything.

See yourself as you wish to be, for you must be as you see yourself! - Rev. Ike

Most people are looking for God and answers to mysteries of life in all the wrong places, predominantly outside of themselves, which is why they seldom discover who they really are and begin to live meaningful lives. It's easier to blame everyone and everything for unsatisfying results, which the majority does, even though it doesn't take a brain hernia to realize one simple and blatantly obvious fact: the only way to change your results is by changing yourself.

"Who am I?", I believe we are spiritual DIVINE beings having an Earthly experience that we observe via so-called "intellect". An answer to a logical question "then where are all these immoral deeds coming from?" can be found in the lesson "The Fall Of Man Is The Fall Of Mind".

Those that identify themselves solely as "Human beings" are bound to this world. Such individuals are not living but reacting to life.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. - Jesus Christ

Jesus was talking about the truth of you and me. Once you discover your true identity, origin, and nature, you'll indeed be free.

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I think , Consciousness all us to determine whats the reality is, we are in the world right now, touching tangible things, we feel them and taste them, only these things that their is a representing Creator, who is responsible for all of the living things and non living things existed.

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6 months ago

I think you are right

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6 months ago