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Books To Help You Expand Your Consciousness

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1 month ago

I've read many "self-help" books and paid close attention to similarities between authors' opinions. From my perspective, it seems like ALL claims regarding the mind (especially the subconscious mind), and human omnipotence through the power of God come from a single mind. The oldest self-help author known to me is Sir Christian D. Larson. He was a great thinker but a boring writer! While reading his book "Your Forces And How To Use Them", I found myself falling asleep many times. However, what you'll read and learn from his works is true, valid, and useful. Therefore, I'd like to start this list with him! He wrote many books, of which I am going to name just a few, perhaps, the best ones:

  • Your Forces And How To Use Them

  • The Great Within

  • The Ideal Made Real

  • Mastery Of Faith

  • Mastery Of Self

  • Brains And How To Get Them

  • Leave It To God

  • How Great Men Succeed

  • The Mind Cure

  • Concentration

  • Healing Yourself

  • The Optimist Creed

  • The Good Side Of Christian Science

The second author I'd like to include in my list of influential self-help authors is Mr. Bob Proctor. Bob is a sweet soul, and a sound mind, but he is making a huge mistake by praising Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think And Grow Rich", that died impoverished, and had a huge dossier for money laundering and frauds. In fact, "Napoleon Hill" is not his real name, to begin with. However, Bob knows something that should be taught in schools, and that's the importance of the right paradigm (and how to change them). Paradigm can be considered to be a pile of subconscious habits. Habits are crucial, because out of habits stem destiny. Bob published a new book, called "Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life". Unfortunately, there are no free PDF versions available online, 'cause the book is still quite fresh, but you can get it from Amazon for 20$. Bob also published "You Were Born Rich" in the mid-80s! It is easy to read, yet, explains everything without philosophy, therefore, it is a great "starter book" for every mind that seeks ascension.

The third author I am going to mention is Matthew David Hurtado, who discovered God during hard times while he was struggling with all kinds of diseases, from Lyme to anorexia and PTSD. It is quite amazing that he survived it all, and basically became a pro-athlete in his late 30s and early 40s. There are three weapons he used for the accomplishment of all goals: faith, wisdom, and trust. In his first book "Allow", he shared two simple techniques that I personally use on a daily basis. Those are "3, 2, 1, Prosperity" and "ABC break process". If you're having negative ideas installed within your subconscious mind that make you feel anxious and worried for no particular reason, you might find that book very useful. It revolutionized my spiritual warfare and made it possible for my very being to ascend and find joy, peace, and love. Matthew's second book "Ask Until It Is Given", is very interesting but might be misunderstood by the people that faithfully listen to the mainstream media because Matthew shared some real wisdom pills, that are hard to swallow. His other books are all rated with five stars on Amazon, for example, "Trust, The Most Powerful Force In The Universe" and "Zero Point". Both were published this year! If you'd like to read some of his material or watch his YouTube videos, you can find him here:

The Fourth author is Dr. Joseph Murphy! He suffered from and later cured melanoma with the power of words, and beliefs. His knowledge was transmuted into many books, of which the most well known is "The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind". I suggest you read it and re-read it! At least once every six months! The book contains many so-called "affirmations" that have been proven to be effective at battling diseases, poverty, weaknesses, etc. You can find it online in a PDF for free! What I love about Murphy is his interpretation of the Bible, which is somewhat similar to Reverend Ike's psychological points of view.

If you're going to read Dr. Murphy's books, I recommend you to start with "The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind", to establish a "backbone" of understanding. Then, switch to other works, such as:

  • How To Use Your Healing Power

  • How To Use Power Of Prayer

  • Mental Poisons And Their Antidotes

  • The Healing Power Of Love

  • The Miracles Of Your Mind

Last (the fifth) author, but not least is my beloved Reverend Ike, whose humor washed my soul of all "religious seriousness". He taught me to interpret the Bible the right way, the psychological way, and to stop seeing God as an angry gray-haired man in the sky that will spit fire and fury if we disobey just one of his orders. Reverend Ike made many people rich, by pointing out the existence of their divinity within. Before I began listening to his speeches, I really felt like an inferior creation that is despised by the Creator, 'cause pretty much all preachers and bishops I've been listening to prior to the discovery of Ike were telling me humans are devilish dirty sinners. After a while, everyone except masochists gets tired of it. Reverend Ike published "A Science Of Living Study Guide", which was written in a very simple language. Perhaps, he decided to be simple and straight to the point, because many of his followers were elderly people, especially ladies, that couldn't comprehend modern-day (useless) philosophy. Each chapter of the study guide contains Biblical references, and affirmations, therefore, it is very useful, especially for the people that possess the knowledge and understanding of the subconscious mind modus-operandi! I warmheartedly suggest everyone read it and use his affirmations on a daily basis!

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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The subconscious mind was Freud's theory that has been transformed into pop culture. Freud’s deterministic view of humanity is antithetical to the teaching of God word - the Bible.

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2 weeks ago

Actually, the Bible itself talks about the subconscious mind, and there are many authors who spoke about it long before Freud was even born. I am not interested in Freud's atheistical worldviews neither.

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2 weeks ago

I looked up Joseph Murphy and his affirmations from your previous suggestion, and will likely look up his book. Thanks for this!

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1 month ago

Great! His books are perhaps the best reading choice for the discovery of the mind's "hidden" abilities! 😀

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1 month ago

oooh thank you for the list and recoms. hopefully will try Matthew David Hurtado..

i've liked lucado and yancey and tim lane and paul tripp...

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1 month ago

Your welcome! The pleasure is all mine!

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1 month ago