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Babylonian Economics VS Bible Economics

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1 month ago

In terms of finances, our world is led by an ancient Babylonian system, which is rigged against the "little people", and made to fit the needs and desires of the bankers. In the latest lesson we've published, a doctor and pastor Peters explained two financial systems to the letter, and pointed out all the main differences between the two.

Allegedly, Albert Einstein stated that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, which is what we've been doing for the past century, while the debt was spreading like a wildfire. I'd like to use this opportunity to share brief differences between these two systems, whose priorities are opposite to each other.

a) In Babylonian economics, charging interests is not prohibited. In the Biblical system, charging interests is prohibited.

b) In Babylonian economics, gold is at the top, while human life is at the bottom. Merchants prosper while producers struggle. In the Biblical system, the Kingdom of God and human lives are at the top. Material wealth is secondary. Merchants do have an opportunity to prosper, but so do producers. Here is an example of what the business looks like in the Babylonian system: sell vaccines, and pesticides, regardless of the adverse side effects. Now, that's a raw example of putting money before human life.

c) In the Babylonian system, men are putting the tenth aside for themselves. In God's system, we are commanded to tithe (give away 10% of your earnings to the source of the spiritual nourishment).

d) In the Babylonian system, both parents need to work to feed the family, yet, they barely earn enough to make the ends meet. In God's system, the father alone earns more than enough for the entire family to survive.

e) In the Babylonian system, children inherit their parents' (unpayable) debts, which all men are enslaved by. In God's system, the debt can't be inherited, and there are no unpayable debts.

Hopefully, this made you realize what system we live in. To learn more, I recommend the following video:

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Written by   147
1 month ago
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People in Bible times enjoyed and suffered at the same time, even though all the laws were given for their own benefit and God was actually looking out for them in everything He did for them.

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