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A Day In Nature - Mental Remedy For The Soul

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7 months ago

The following text might help those that are living under the same roof with energetical vampires. Those vampires might be spiritual entities, physical entities in form of negative ideas or thoughts, or physical entities, such as family members, partners, etc.

I am easily affected by the presence of other people. It is easy for me to feel their energy, and read their minds. In fact, I've been searching for ways to disconnect myself from that energetical field, but found it to be impossible, for the energy is like water. You can't separate hot and cold water in the same bottle.

Such people are not necessarily evil, but they're allowing their past mistakes and trauma to dictate their present feelings and the outcome of the future. I made a huge mistake to let my family members into my house when their home got devastated by the earthquake but had no choice.

Since that day, I stopped being creative, for I lost the key ingredient of focus/concentration: peace (silence).

They're continuously bombarding my mind with nonsense, comments about football, neighbours, "how bad people are", "how hard life is", etc. I tried my best to teach them the basics of metaphysics, 'cause they're cutting off all chances to succeed as long as their minds are operating on that "primitive" and negative states, however, all of my efforts have been in vain.

Then, one day, I decided to quit talking (entirely) and decided to spend as much time as possible in nature. There is one Ukrainian legend that says trees can hear us, and they transmit their peaceful energy if we allow them to do so, especially birch trees.

I began running in the nearby forest, which is full of echoes of the past. There are WW2 trenches everywhere, most likely hundreds of soldiers are still waiting for us to uncover them and send them home.

I took the following photos a few days ago, on my latest adventure. God blessed me with wild strawberries:

, and many beautiful flowers! If you know the name of those flowers, let me know:

I am not sure if it has been scientifically proved, but I find a green color to work as a peace agent for our eyes. Many times my headache sprang forth from my eyes (I was waking up with pain in my eyes). Nothing helped me except the fresh air and the walk through the forest.

On the other hand, every color exists on its specific frequency. Blue color affects the 6th energetical point (a.k.a. chakra), which is the pineal gland (the third eye), while the purple color exists on the same frequency as the 7th energetical point (crown chakra). It feels as my mind enters another (higher) dimension the very moment I make my first steps into the nature, perhaps 'cause there are blue and purple flowers everywhere.

The WW2 era fascinates me. Fortunately, I found some WW2 trenches. The following is in a very bad shape, but channels are still visible:

The following "hole" is connected with the channels from the previous photo. I assume it was the place of a machine gunner. The trench is pointed towards the creek that flows 200 meters downhill:

The next trench is by far the biggest WW2 trench that I found so far in 2021, and it is in very good condition. With a little bit of cleaning, its true purpose would be exposed. Sadly, people are irresponsible, and there are plastic bottles and bags to be found everywhere around it. It is located some 250 meters southwest of the previous trench:

Trenches that I showed you above are located uphill from the following creek (that's in very bad condition, as the entire nature thanks to "tidiness" of human nature):

The answer is no: that mess is not the work of beavers. People in this part of Europe do not appreciate nature and are not trying to preserve it for future generations. At least they're capable of building some really cool and elastic bridges. Walking across feels like walking on a trampoline 😋

Later on, I decided to visit my grandma and check out the progress of my plants. Unfortunately, GoPro 5 has glitches so most of the photos I made are entirely white, still, I managed to make succeed partially. Check out my Aronia plant! This summer is going to be delicious and fruitful:

Potatoes are also looking good, hopefully, there will be enough of them to make homemade chips!

In general, that soil is very good for agriculture, however, our first neighbor is the Bambi family, that occasionally visits our garden and eats most of our vegetables. They dislike onions and classic green (iceberg) salad:

Our garden is being protected by our princess Marilyn. She also keeps an eye on the wild Carpathian roses that were planted in 1995 by my grandfather before he passed away:

All other pictures are either of poor quality or completely "blank" (GoPro's glitch), so I hope to fix that the next time I'll visit my grandma and our garden. Let me know if you're growing vegetables and fruits. We could (and should) exchange ideas, techniques, knowledge, and results.

Have a splendid day! ✌😊

Very truly yours; Gemstone

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Written by   101
7 months ago
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As someone who also loves nature so much, I am very in loved with the photos 😍 Hope I can spend a day in a farm or beach or something close to nature soon. May I know what place or country is that?

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7 months ago

It is Carpathian (western) Ukraine 😊 My photo-taking skills are poor. Hopefully, I will get better with time 😋 Good luck finding peace and serenity!

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7 months ago

Practice makes perfect. Keep on trying sis 🤗 I am rooting for you!

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7 months ago

Thank you! I subscribed to your Noise.Cash and Read.Cash! Looking forward to reading your articles 😋 Cheers! ✌😊

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7 months ago

Same. I subbed you also on both. Thank you and cheers! ❤️

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7 months ago