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5 Extraordinary Benefits Of Jogging

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7 months ago

Lately, I've been going through a phase of boredom. My body and mind were no longer satisfied by old exercise-routines, which consisted of a ton of push-ups, sit-ups, and hours of games with dumbbells (weights). Then, I decided to bite the most bitter fruit: cardio!

When I was younger, I literally hated jogging, running, and sprinting, for the lack of knowledge, and the surplus of laziness. My trainer would push me to the mental limits by setting exercises he knew I was mentally not ready to accomplish: one-hour-long sprints!

Well, I am no longer that person. I cherish, and appreciate the benefits of exercises we can enjoy for free, instead of hitting the sweaty and stinky gyms!

For the body, spending 30 minutes daily in nature jogging is more beneficial than WASTING hours in gyms, trying to burn fat, or gain endurance, and here is why:

01) Caloric meltdown: an adult male person on average burns 3-9 calories per minute while doing sit-ups (180-270 calories per hour), which means walking is more beneficial for fat-loss (210-300 calories per hour). Weight lifting burns from 220 to 320 calories per hour, push-ups are a bit more challenging (400-550 calories per hour), but running is almost doubling that (600-1000 calories per hour, depending on the pace). Yet, sprinting is an absolute winner of this "race"! Researchers from Colorado State University have proved that sprinting burns up to 5000 calories per hour. On average, sprinters burn 200 calories every two and a half minutes of sprinting!

02) Enhances the respiratory system: jogging gradually enhances the capacity of the lung, and strengthens all muscles of the respiratory system. In the beginning, this might be painful for people who have been inactive for years, or ex-smokers, however, "no pain, no gain", should embrace the challenge and jog-on, until the body gets used to the stress.

03) Calms down the spirit, enhances the mental capacity: jogging affects us somewhat similar to meditation because once we start jogging, our bodies begin to release endorphins, a hormone that calms down the spirit, and makes us feel more positive. Our brains are also being fed with more oxygen, which results in the removal of mental stress. Our minds are getting rid of unnecessary thoughts by default, which is a brilliant effect, since naturally, our minds are shifting thoughts subconsciously, and unconsciously every 15 seconds. Needless to say, those thoughts are not positive in a negative world.

04) Maintains youthfulness: by feeding our skin with higher levels of oxygen, and greater levels of blood circulation (this is the cause of skin-cracks during winter times when our bodies are working on a slow-mode, and the circulation is slower than during hot summer days! The faster the circulation, the healthier the skin).

05) Improves cardiovascular system: I've been having issues with my heart for two years. My circulation was poor thanks to physical inactivity, and awful diets that contained mostly fast-food. Once I began exercising, my heart has stopped hurting me. All of the sudden, I became much more endurable and capable of going through some hard training routines, without having needed to take breaks in order to catch my breath and calm my heart down. Cholesterol and blood glucose levels gradually decrease back to natural and health levels, which keeps most of the well-known troubles (such as diabetes) away from us!

If you feel as you lack physical activities, and your health conditions are deteriorating, jogging might be your life-changing decision, especially if you add a healthy refined-carb-free & low-fat diet to it! Quit consuming white-sugar-rich foods and drinks, start drinking mineral-rich water, and jogging. The transformation will come fast, and relatively easy. The first few days you might be struggling just to make a decision to start, but once you get used to it, you will enjoy all challenges that come with it. 

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Written by   55
7 months ago
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