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4 Drinks You CAN Consume During Fasting

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7 months ago

Instead of writing one giant article about fasting, I decided to write several smaller articles, that do not take too much time to read, and are easy to understand. Let's start with drinks we can consume during fasting!

Generally, when we do fasting, anything that we consume other than water is going to break the fast TO SOME DEGREE, but, the following drinks will have a minor effect on one's ability to get back into the fast. 

The biggest thing that will break your fast is the consumption of refined carbohydrates (sugar). Protein also has the ability to break the fast, because protein stimulates insulin.

Two things that do not have much effect on insulin are fats and fiber, in fact, fiber has a zero effect on insulin. That is the reason why consumption of leafy greens that are very high in fiber and minimum in sugar has a very slight effect on insulin.

The following drinks WILL have a MINIMUM effect (excluding water) on your ability to "do" your fast:

01) Coffee (without additives, such as milk and sugar).

02) Tea (without additives)

03) Lemon juice (especially useful against kidney stones)

04) Water (carbonated water rich in minerals is always a great choice, but make sure the Ph is neutral or alkaline)

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Written by   73
7 months ago
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