How to add nodes on stratis wallet

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3 years ago

sometimes you may encounter a peer connection error.

Please find below the video that it will help you to add more connections to your wallet and to sync it without any issues.

Steps to follow :

Steps :

  • 1. Open wallet and log in

  • 2. Open browser and paste in it : http://localhost:37221/swagger/index....

  • 3. Go to Connection Manager and press " GET"

  • 4.In the right corner press : "try it out"

  • 5.On field command write : add

  • 6.In ENDPOINT FIELD add one by one IP :

  • 7. After you put 1 IP press Blue button "EXECUTE" , and then again EXECUTE

  • 8.Repeat the steps with ip and execute

  • 9 Watch on your wallet if you get any connections

  • 10. That's all !



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There's also a new wallet in beta testing :

Problems for peers are resolved in RC2.0.0.0


Tips in strat : Sjw4y1Hh4gCSTMgGWttzzbnimwRcwadH6S

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3 years ago