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The Deceptive categorization of BCH and BTC

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4 weeks ago
Topics: Bitcoincash, Bitcoin

Have you ever come across someone or group of people whether on the internet or in real world who would sweat and shout at the top of their voices or invoke all their keyboard skills trying to prove a point which they, themselves know is baseless? Those kinds of people are all over. They would always try to prove to be true, what they believe to be true, even when it isn't.

Some people have comfortably categorized the two popular Bitcoin variants which are BitcoinBCH and BitcoinBTC and believes that they are both created for different purposes and I can't seem to find the source(if any) feeding them with such deception.

According to them, the two coins shouldn't be compared since they are both meant to take on different duties. This means that, none of them should be judged for their incompetency based on the excellency delivered by the other.

They believe that BTC is only Supposed to serve as a store of value and should comfortably be seen as the digital gold (it's not like I'm doubting this since it is currently the truth) While, BCH is only to be used as cash for payments and nothing more (I'm not only doubting this but proving them wrong with facts). I believe, this is an idea BTC Supporters have come up with to help them shield it from the humiliation it is facing due to its incompetency. Again, after sorting for so many claims to bring BCH underfoot, they finally resolved to saying: bitcoincash can't serve as a store of value and therefore shouldn't be compared to BTC.

It is now absolutely true that BTC is doing as good as a luxury car packed by the owner in the garage which could not be driven anywhere. It stays there till the time of auctioning and then sold out to the highest bidder. This makes it valueless to a user wanting to buy a car he could drive around the City. But here is the question; is it supposed to be so like they claim? A big No! The person wanting to prove otherwise should do so by backing it up with the Bitcoin original white which clearly stated and was tittled: Peer-peer electronic cash.

Who said bitcoincash is only to be Spent? I have heard this over and over and over again; even from the crypto learned and I can't rap my head around this notion. How did they even come up with this? Are they saying it based on fact or just for their own satisfaction?

Bitcoincash is the only Bitcoin variant currently doing what Bitcoin was originally created for. A digital currency that can be used virtually for anything traditional money could be used for while taking out middle men, censorship, manipulations and introducing privacy. Just like people save money in the safe box or Banks, bitcoincash can be saved in wallets to be used in the future. Just like people exchange fiats for goods, bitcoincash can also be exchanged for goods but under better conditions such as decreased waiting time and lower transaction charges. Just like people store valuable metals like Gold for the future expecting to sell it out when people are willing to pay more for it, bitcoincash also is a good investment asset that have the potentials of yielding high returns in the nearest future.

Truly, bitcoincash shouldn't be compared to BTC or let me put it in the right way; BTC shouldn't be compared to BCH because, it has failed and deviated from its original purpose of creation. This is the exact same reason people that are willing to tell the truth is saying; BTC is no longer Bitcoin but BCH is now the real Bitcoin. BTC should be given a more suitable name like Goldcoin

The only similarity between BCH and BTC now is the fact that they both can be used as store of value which is the only thing BTC can be potentially used for.

BCH can easily be transacted and therefore is used for day to day payments, BTC can't.

BCH is free from regulation and censorship, BTC isn't.

Just know that, the idea that BTC was originally created to be a digital gold and nothing more is a deception coined to protect it from disgrace. And the idea that BCH could not be used as a store of value but only as cash is fallacy formed to keep pulling it down.

Bitcoincash does; what BTC can't, what BTC can and better! By this I mean, bitcoincash can serve as both store of value and a digital cash for easy usage.

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Written by   118
4 weeks ago
Topics: Bitcoincash, Bitcoin
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